Ingrown toenail: causes and natural remedies

Ingrown toenail. Painful and annoying problem that mainly affects the feet, often forced into tight and uncomfortable shoes. But what are the causes of ingrown toenails and how to solve it with natural remedies?

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Ingrown toenail. Painful and annoying problem that mainly affects the feet, often forced into tight and uncomfortable shoes. But what are the causes of ingrown toenail and how to solve it with natural remedies?

When a nail becomes incarnate, that's it the area around the affected finger becomes red and inflamed, sometimes causing a real infection that can also affect the surrounding areas. You notice the problem quite quickly as you feel pain and notice that a small part of the nail has gone under the skin creating inflammation and in some cases filling the area with pus.

The ingrown nail, a condition that is defined in technical terms onychocryptosis, it is not in itself a serious situation but can become so if neglected leading in some cases to the loss of the nail.



There can be several causes for an ingrown toenail. In most cases there is some neglect in the management of your nails, for example letting them grow too much before cutting them or cutting them quickly paying little attention to any points that scrape and therefore can injure the skin (always better at the end of the manicure or pedicure use a file).

To have a better chance of avoiding the problem it would be a good thing cut the nails not in a rounded way but rather square. Rounding the nails too much allows them to penetrate the skin easier. A piece of advice to follow is also that of avoid cutting your nails too short.

Other causes that can lead to a situation onychocryptosis I'm a sgood hygiene, heavy sweating, theuse of very tight shoes that put pressure on the toes, trauma taken with the hands or feet or some types of dermatological problems and familiarity.


There are gods effective natural remedies for ingrown nails to be used as needed from the first symptoms of the problem (the sooner you act, the better!). Here are the ones we recommend:

Acqua e dirty

Simple gods foot baths with water and salt can quickly solve the problem of ingrown toenails. It is in fact a solution with a disinfectant power that must be applied with a certain consistency 2/3 times a day by immersing the feet in water for about 15-20 minutes. The foot baths based on Epsom salts are also excellent.

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Baking soda

Baking soda is also an excellent ally against ingrown toenails. This substance dissolved in water and in contact with the skin keeps the area clean and disinfected thus avoiding the appearance of pus and infections.


Also a few drops of lemon directly on the nail it can disinfect and speed up the healing and scarring of the skin. This is due to the active ingredients and astringent qualities of the juice of this citrus fruit.

Tea tree oil

To prevent the ingrown toenail from becoming infected you can use 1 or 2 drops of pure tea tree oil many times a day. This essential oil is a powerful antiviral, antibiotic and antifungal perfect even in case of mycosis.


Mallow is a large plant soothing power, also useful in case of ingrown toenails. After preparing an infusion of mallow, pour some on a cotton ball and dab the foot or hand area several times a day affected by the problem.

Comfortable shoes and bare feet

Fundamental once an ingrown toenail has appeared let the foot breathe as much as possible. So, at least at home, avoid wearing socks or slippers while when you go out choose only comfortable shoes or, if it is in summer, sandals.

If after a few days the nail situation has not visibly improved, see your doctor to prevent the problem from escalating and also extends to other toes or hands.

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