Inflamed gums: 12 natural remedies for gingivitis

What to do when the gums are inflamed? Here are some natural remedies you can experiment with

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What to do when the gums are inflamed? The gingivitis is a very common condition characterized by symptoms such as redness, swelling, inflammation and bleeding of the gums and sometimes even bad breath. Here are some natural remedies that can help.

Stress, nutritional deficiencies, genetic predisposition, some medicines and diseases can favor the onset of inflammation in the gums. Even poor oral hygiene can, in the long run, cause the gums to become inflamed. Plaque and food residues that remain on the teeth, in fact, allow bacteria to proliferate better, creating problems of various kinds.

Here are some natural remedies you can try if you find you have gingivitis. In case of serious problems, however, see your dentist.


Aloe vera

THEaloe vera presents anti-inflammatory properties and curative, as confirmed by specific scientific studies. It is beneficial in case of inflamed gums and due to its antibacterial properties, it soothes infections and helps in case of bad breath and lesions of the oral mucosa. You can massage inflamed gums with the aloe vera gel, or apply it on critical points, leave it to act for 30 minutes and then rinse.

Infusion of mallow

La mallow has calming, emollient and soothing properties. L'mallow infusion it is one of the most popular natural remedies in case of inflamed gums or for the simple rinsing of the oral cavity. Prepare your mallow tea with a tea bag, or with one or two teaspoons of dried and chopped mallow for each cup of boiling water. Filter, let cool and use for rinses throughout the day.

oil pulling

THEoil pulling it is a method for cleaning teeth that is also beneficial for the gums. It is a traditional technique ofAyurveda which strengthens teeth and gums, reduces plaque and fights bad breath. To practice oil pulling, you just need a spoonful of sesame oil or other types of suitable vegetable oils. THU all instructions.


La myrrh tincture it's a specific remedy for gingivitis and pyorrhea. You can request myrrh tincture in herbal medicine. Pour a few drops of myrrh tincture into a cup of warm water and use it as a mouthwash. You can combine echinacea tincture with myrrh tincture. Ask your herbalist for more information on this.

Coconut oil

THEcoconut oil presents anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterials that help in the natural treatment of inflamed gums. Mixing it with baking soda helps neutralize excessive mouth acidity. Mix two teaspoons of coconut oil with the same amount of bicarbonate and use it instead of regular toothpaste once or twice a week. You can buy coconut oil at herbalist's shops, on the internet and in health food stores.

Chamomile infusion

A very simple remedy to soothe the inflammation of the gums involves the use of the classic infusion of chamomile, which has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Prepare your chamomile infusion with two or three teaspoons of flower heads or with a tea bag. Let cool and use to rinse your mouth a couple of times a day until symptoms improve.

Acqua e dirty

Il natural sea salt contains minerals that help reduce inflammation, soothe pain and fight infections. Try to mix a pinch of sea salt in a cup of hot water, until completely dissolved. Use water and salt three times a day for mouth rinses until symptoms disappear.


Il tender contains some beneficial substances that help reduce pain and inflammation. It also contains antioxidants that help deal with infections. You can try to applicare on the gums one black tea bag cold and well squeezed, after having prepared a normal cup of this drink.

Tea Tree Oil

THETea Tree essential oil helps to calm inflamed gums. One study published byAustralian Dental Journal in 2008 demonstrated that the localized application of a gel based on Tea Tree Oil helps calm gum bleeding and gingivitis. Ask for a specific treatment in herbal medicine or buy a toothpaste that contains Tea Tree essential oil. Do not use pure Tea Tree essential oil on the gums and do not ingest it.

Water and lemon

The encyclopedia "Health without medicine" advises the lemon juice as one of the most effective remedies for inflammations that occur in the oral cavity. The advice is to rinse the mouth with lemon juice, pure or with the addition of a little water. The lemon water method is highly recommended, although in case of severe inflammation it can be painful.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory power and using it in case of inflamed gums can be decisive. The presence of curcumin inside, an active ingredient that attributes the most important properties to this spice, can help deflate, reduce pain, flare up but also avoid bacterial proliferation in the oral cavity. You can use 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder in a little water to create a batter. This should be gently massaged on the gums, leaving it to act for 5 minutes before rinsing with warm water. The treatment is repeated twice a day for a couple of weeks.

Coluttorio with thyme

To treat swollen and painful gums, a thyme mouthwash with disinfectant and anti-inflammatory power can be made at home. Just prepare a simple thyme tea starting from the dry leaves of this plant, let it cool down and then use it to rinse several times during the day.

How to prevent inflamed gums

If you want to avoid finding yourself struggling with the problem of inflamed gums you can put into practice a few simple rules:

  • brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid irritation
  • brush your teeth after each meal
  • use dental floss or pipe cleaner
  • not smoking
  • eat healthy, vitamin-rich foods
  • make regular visits to the dentist

You know others natural remedies for the inflamed gums?

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