India patented an inexpensive black cumin gel to treat psoriasis

Indian researchers create a natural plant-based gel to treat moderate and mild psoriasis. And it's cheap too.

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Indian scientists from Shoolini University have patented an innovative herbal gel which, apparently, can be useful in the treatment of mild and moderate psoriasis. Treatment which, in addition to being natural, is cheaper than those currently in use.

The plant-based gel contains a natural anti-inflammatory chemical compound called thymequinone, found in the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant or black cumin.

Taking advantage of its therapeutic effects, researchers have created this gel that offers immediate relief from itchy rashes without compromising, like other methods, the immune system.

In addition, compared to sativa oil, which already exists, the gel has higher thymoquinone concentrations and therefore works more effectively. Dr. Negi who participated in the research explained this by declaring:

“This oil contains low levels of thymequinone, which forces patients to apply large amounts. Our newly developed gel, on the other hand, maintains therapeutically effective concentrations of thymoquinone in psoriatic lesions ". 

SOURCE: Shoolini University

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