In the schools of Ancona from January organic pasta for everyone!

The municipal administration of Ancona will reintroduce organic pasta in school canteens starting from January.

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"Nutrition is a fundamental factor for the health and development of young people". With this conviction it will be reintroduced starting from January the organic pasta in school canteens of Ancona.

The municipal administration of the Marche town, very careful since the early XNUMXs to introduce ahealthy and organic food in schools to help children grow better, reaffirms its commitment on this front by approaching a organic fruit and vegetables, also pasta and pasta in broth from organic farming, for a supply of approx 23 thousand kilos a year.

In this way the already very careful menu offered to children and young people who use the service of the school canteen in Ancona will be able to count, as well as on organic fruit and vegetables e certified meat from the local producers, even on a “first course”, tasty, nutritious and safe, like only i products from organic farming they can guarantee.

A virtuous example, that of Ancona, the fruit of dialogue also with families. As explained, in fact, Andrea Nobili, municipal councilor for school services, "The reintroduction of organic pasta, also requested by the parents' committees that we wanted to listen to and involve in the choices, is an important step not only in the direction of the quality of this fundamental service, but also from the point of view ofnutrition education that in this way we try to pass on to children, for whom a correct approach to food is essential ".

A step that we hope will not remain an isolated example, but will be followed by more and more municipal administrations scattered throughout the peninsula.

Simona Falasca

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