In South Korea, the coronavirus has "reactivated" in at least 51 discharged patients

    In South Korea, the coronavirus has

    According to Korea's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 51 patients classified as cured have tested positive for coronavirus again

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    Il coronavirus it can "reactivate" in recovered patients. This is what Korea's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims, according to which 51 patients classified as "cured" tested positive again.

    In a briefing on Monday, the CDC explained that some people are found to be newly infected, even after completing the quarantine period. In these cases, instead of a new infection,

    "The virus may have reactivated"

    Jeong Eun-kyeong, general manager of the Korean CDC, said.

    There is still no certain information on why this happens, although, according to Bloomberg, the problem may lie in inconsistencies in the test results. Some patients have even died from the disease after recovering and leaving the hospital.

    At present, the Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention is conducting an epidemiological investigation of the new cases:

    "While we are putting more weight on reactivation as a possible cause, we are conducting a comprehensive study," said Jeong. "There have been many cases in which a patient during treatment is negative one day and positive another."

    A patient is considered completely cured when two tests conducted at a 24 hour interval show negative results.

    South Korea was one of the first to host a large-scale coronavirus outbreak, but the country thankfully only had 208 deaths. One of the largest testing programs in the world and a technology-centric approach to infection monitoring has enabled Seoul to contain the outbreak without isolation.

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