In Sardinia we want to map the infection before the restart: serological tests even in front of supermarkets

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A large-scale epidemiological investigation of the spread of Covid-19 kicks off in Sardinia with a total of 40 thousand rapid antibody tests.

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Swabs to identify the presence of the virus and serological tests to understand if a patient has developed antibodies and thus map the population before phase 2: in Sardinia a large-scale epidemiological investigation of the spread of Covid-19 will start in a few days with a total of 40 rapid antibody tests. The novelty is that screenings will also be organized outside shopping centers and supermarkets.

And so, a region like Sardinia that a few days ago had jumped to the headlines for being together with Campania the only one in which less 1000 tests were carried out per 100 thousand inhabitants, now says it is ready for a huge epidemiological investigation.

This is a survey that will take place in parallel with that promoted at the national level by the Ministry of Health (150 thousand serological tests in total are scheduled) and targeted, based on "strict and stringent criteria" to ascertain the real extent of the circulation of the virus in Sardinia.

Both the Municipalities (almost 253 out of 377) where there have been no cases of coronavirus so far will be affected. "Therefore, it will help to understand if Covid-19 has not really hit some centers or if, on the other hand, asymptomatic subjects are present", explains Councilor Mario Nieddu in the Health Commission; and some municipalities in the province of Sassari (the list will be available in the next few days), in which more deaths have been recorded.

In all cases, the authorities have also developed screening procedures to be carried out in front of supermarkets, in order to have a sample that is as representative as possible.

A work, that of Sardinian health, which aims at a single goal: to proceed with a gradual reopening of activities only based on certain data, considering that if the presence of the virus were to be ascertained in areas deemed immune the scenario could change again.

DATA UPDATE # COVID19 April 23 :? 1254 positives ascertained so far: 228 in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, 90 ...

Posted by RAS - Autonomous Region of Sardinia on Thursday, April 23, 2020

Finally, during phase 2 on the island, the special assistance continuity units (Usca), that is the teams of doctors and nurses who will have to guarantee rapid and targeted interventions at home, will act as support. Like what is already happening in Portugal, therefore, here too we aim to have a more than precise picture of the population:

Home test in Portugal, to test the immunity of the population to COVID-19

Source: Sardinia Post / Ansa

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