In Salento begins the harvest of the first olives that have defeated the Xylella

The new oil has already been produced from the first anti xylella olives coming from plants grafted with olive trees resistant to the bacterium.

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In Apulia it's officially harvesting of the first anti-Xylella olives has begun born from resistant olive trees and ripened in advance thanks to the favorable climate.

After three years the trees in Gagliano del Capo have finally started to produce olives again: the new oil was squeezed from the olives of diseased plants grafted with resistant olive trees from Leccino.

"A sign of rebirth for the province of Lecce which, thanks to the varieties resistant to Xylella and grafts, will have to recover an inestimable heritage, lost due to delays, blame for the buck and the unwillingness to face with determination the fight against the bacterium that has already caused damage estimated to be under 1,2 billion euros ”- declared Savino Muraglia, President of Coldiretti Puglia

La terrible disease devastated more than 20 million plants, many of which are monumental, with very serious damage to the landscape and the economy of Salento and Puglia, a region where more than half of the Made in Italy oil is produced.

A massacre that began in the autumn of 2013 and that affected the whole region, where the Xylella has moved at the speed of two kilometers a month, causing the loss of 3 out of 4 olives in the province of Lecce, and then affecting the olive-growing heritage of Brindisi and Taranto ,.

The bacterium has resulted in a collapse of olive oil production 73% and the loss of at least 5 jobs throughout the supply chain, according to the analysis of Coldiretti Puglia.

The Associations ask the Institutions to simplify the replanting process to be able to revive the production of olive oil and restore work to farmers without income for over six years now.

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