In London, we return to delivering milk in glass bottles to reduce plastic waste

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To reduce plastic waste, in London they return to deliver milk in glass bottles, taking them directly to consumers' homes.

To combat the problem of plastic pollution, in London the milk back to being sold in glass bottles e delivered at home directly from the milkmen, just like it used to be.

Experimenting with this path, which despite being innovative looks to the past, is the Parker Dairies dairy which makes home deliveries using 25 electric vehicles, also respecting its ecological vocation in transport.

The dairy's goal is clear, as we read on Facebook:

"Do you want reduce plastic waste? Have Parker Dairies deliver your milk in glass bottles. "

Want to reduce #plasticwaste? have your milk delivered in glass bottles by Parker Dairies. Every week we deliver…

Posted by Parker Dairies on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The idea revealed itself immediately a success given that in the first half of 2019, the dairy attracted as many as 400 new customers, the majority of whom are young people who are obviously sensitive to environmental issues.

You can find the fantastic Electric Morning from Curved Brick Co catching a ride on Colin's and all our other floats…

Posted by Parker Dairies on Thursday, October 4, 2018

The bottles are brought directly to the customers' homes which they are simply required to return the empties, which are then recycled by the company in order to avoid waste of waste:

Each week we deliver 34.000 pints of milk in glass bottles to the gates of East London, so our fantastic customers leave their empty ones to be taken back to the dairy which washes, refills and ships them back. We can deliver to your home and workplace so your employers can also reduce plastic waste.

A great example of a sustainable economy that we hope will inspire many other dairies. The practice of returnable, even in the case of milk bottles, it should not be underestimated, it could make the difference!

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