Immune system: dogs' kisses better than probiotics?

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American researchers will want to show with new research how the bacteria present in the intestines of dogs would strengthen our immune system

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finite thing yogurt in the fridge? Get yourself a good one nibbled by your dog and for today you will be fine with your daily ration of probiotics. Yes, because it seems that the intestinal bacteria of our four-legged friends benefit our well-being.

Thus, for theexact rule according to which but who has ever said that - for hygiene - as soon as a baby is born you have to get rid of the dog, a nice swipe of the tongue by Fido on the cheeks and hands, even on those of the puppets, is not to be avoided like the plague .

To hypothesize it is one study of the University of Arizona, according to which that classic wet "kiss" with which the dog is able to show all his love and dedication would be a panacea for our immune defenses.

So far these are pure assumptions. To verify the veracity of what they say, American researchers are recruiting volunteers over 50 years old. In the first phase of the research they will mainly focus on the effects that dogs have on the elderly. "Over the millennia we have co-evolved together with dogs - explains Kim Kelly, anthropology researcher who is part of this study - but no one understands what this dog-human relationship is about that makes us feel good around dogs. Is it just that they are tender and we like to caress them or is there something else under the skin? ".

In the coming months it will be analyzed how the life of these people with a dog can favor the growth of positive microorganisms in the human intestine. Participants will undergo three checks with non-invasive methods, to evaluate the changes in the intestinal flora and other indicators of psycho-physical well-being. To participate, however, you must not have taken antibiotics in the previous six months and not have lived with another dog.

“We think dogs could work as probiotics to improve the health of the bacteria that live in our gut. All these bacteria, called microbiota, are recognized as having an increasingly important role in our mental and physical health, especially as we age ", concludes doctor and researcher Charles Raison.

In short, in addition to being man's best friend, the dog will turn out to be, most likely, also the best medicine. And we have always known, deep down, that those damp faces bring us health, if only for the cuddles that I am able to offer!

Germana Carillo

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