If your tongue is this unusual color, it may be a sign NOT to be underestimated

Tell me what color your tongue is and I'll tell you how you are! The language is in fact an excellent indicator of general health, able to signal that there is something wrong. Let's find out what are the various "colors" not to be underestimated.

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Maybe it will surprise you, but the look of yours language it can reveal a lot about the state of your health. Not surprisingly, when we go to the doctor, a first diagnosis starts right from our language. For example, its condition and color may indicate underlying problems that may not yet have been diagnosed.

It is not uncommon for your tongue to be an unusual color, but you should know that it is not a sign of optimal health. Let's look at the various signs to keep in mind that tell us if we are suffering from anemia, kidney problems or dehydration. (Read also: Vitamin B12: if your tongue has this shape it could be a sign of a deficiency)


Stand in front of the mirror and observe your tongue: what color is it?


This is a good sign. The healthy languages they are in fact pink in color with a little white on the surface.

Bright red

If you notice that your tongue is a very bright red, there may be some problems. Maybe we are facing one mancanza di ferro or di vitamin B12 or it may be that there are inflammation, infections, blood diseases o heart problems.


A yellowish surface of the tongue may develop due to discoloration or bacterial buildup due to poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, excessive consumption of coffee or black tea, inflammation of the stomach lining, weakened immune system and can be caused by the use of oral products with thymol, menthol, witch hazel, peroxides, eucalyptus and alcohol. In general, it can also reveal problems to the spleen, liver or to gallbladder.

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This could indicate a lack of oxygen caused by breathing problems, kidney disease or blood disease.


A tongue with a thick, lumpy white coating could indicate that you have the oral thrush, a fungal infection of the mucous membranes of the mouth possibly linked to antibiotic use. This infection tends to grow and can alter the taste also causing pain, even here seek immediate medical attention. The white color can also indicate problems with dehydration. (Read also: White tongue: causes and remedies to eliminate the patina)


Stagnation of blood, poor circulation e heart problems they can lead to a purple tongue.


A gray tongue might indicate digestive problems or a peptic ulcer.

Tongue too dark

The tongue is covered with papillae which are porous, the fact that they become dark may be due to the poor oral hygiene, smoke o use of antibiotics. Try cleaning your mouth better.

We reiterate that this is a simple preliminary test, but for the diagnosis it is necessary to contact the doctor.

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