If your piercings and pierced ears are itchy or have a bad smell, here's what to do: natural remedies to reduce infection

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Even if you have had holes in your ears for a long time or have a piercing, you may suddenly feel itchy or have a bad smell. What is happening and what to do in these cases?

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Holes and ear piercings are all the rage and in most cases they do not create any kind of problem. Often the discomforts involving the holes in the ears and the piercings appear at the beginning, shortly after having made them, the possibility that problems arise later on is much rarer, in this case the situation definitely takes by surprise. For example, we may find ourselves struggling with an unusual itch or with the fact that the area where we wear our earrings or piercings comes out of a bad smell.


Possible causes of piercing infection

This situation can have several causes. In some cases, especially if you have had earrings or piercings for a long time, it may simply be a reaction to the material these items are made of. There are in fact people sensitive to certain metals, such as nickel, who can see redness, itching and other discomfort appear following an allergic reaction. In this case, it is better to choose earrings and piercings made of stainless steel or made with other hypoallergenic materials.

In other cases, the problem is triggered by dead cells and the natural oils of our skin that mix and stick to the hole. What to do in these cases? There are natural solutions that can be used both to solve the problem that has arisen and to prevent its appearance.

Natural remedies to treat piercing infection

Hot Water

One way is to remove earrings and piercings and let hot water run through the holes. You can also use an antibacterial soap to disinfect the area a little and get rid of the dead cells that have lodged there.

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If there is a minor infection in or around the ear holes or that involves a piercing, you can try to disinfect the area by mixing some fine salt (1/4 teaspoon) with distilled water (230ml ). With a cotton gauze soaked in this solution, lightly dab the infected area. You can then dry the area with another dry cotton gauze.

If the hole or piercing is new

If the itchy or foul-smelling hole is fresh, some redness is normal as the area is trying to heal. As for piercings, most experts recommend cleaning them, for several weeks after making them, with a solution of water and sea or physiological salt 2 or 3 times a day.

In some cases, especially if the area swells and forms a sort of red ring, we are facing an infection. In this case the hole must be treated carefully, it is therefore important:

  • always have your hands clean before touching the area and avoid scratching or rubbing too much
  • always sleep on clean sheets and pillowcases
  • make sure the earring fits properly. If it is too tight or too loose this can contribute to irritation of the skin
  • use a mild liquid soap and warm water to clean the area once a day. Avoid all soaps and aggressive products including alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.
  • disinfect earrings or piercings before putting them back on. If there was an infection before putting your jewels back on, it is best to disinfect them by immersing them for a few minutes in warm water and antibacterial soap. Dry them with gauze or paper towels before wearing them again.

Always ask the professional who pierced your ears and especially in the case of piercings for the good rules to avoid infections which could, for example, vary slightly depending on the area where the hole is located.

If, despite the precautions and careful hygiene, you notice an infection that cannot be overcome in a short time, it is good to contact an expert and be seen by your doctor as soon as possible.

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