If you've been banned from coffee, here are 10 alternative drinks that won't make you regret your morning cup

How to replace the coffee? Here are the best drinks that won't make you regret your morning cup at all

You loved the very much coffee for its unmistakable taste and for the charge it could give you, but for health reasons you were forced to abandon it? If you have had to give up the most loved drink in the world, how can you replace it very well?

Here are some useful tips to go in search of alternatives that will not make you regret the classic morning cup. There are those who argue that a glass of fresh water is enough to replace coffee. To you the choice.


Dandelion coffee


If you are not ready to switch from coffee to a common herbal tea, dandelion, or dandelion, can help. Many roasters also offer soluble dandelion packages. Alternatively you can buy thedandelion infusion in herbal medicine, or follow the traditional preparation of dandelion coffee according to the ancient Apulian recipe starting from the dandelion.

  • Collect the dandelion roots between June and August
  • Rinse them and let them dry in the sun.
  • Roast them in the oven at a low temperature, so that they darken.
  • Cut and grind them.
  • With this powder, prepare dandelion coffee.
  • Pour 1 teaspoon into 1 liter of water and boil over low heat for a few minutes.
  • Filter and drink.

Dandelion coffee cleanses the liver and helps clear the intestines. (Read also: Purifying elixir with dandelion flowers, the detox drink at no cost)

Green coffee

Il green coffee is a drink made from common coffee beans, which are however used still green and therefore not subjected to roasting. A very rich extract of antioxidants. It contains a smaller dose of caffeine, which is released slowly and continuously. Thus the body can absorb it gradually. Has a less acidic pH compared to regular coffee. It can be found in sachets, in powder or capsules, in herbal medicine or online. As an alternative to green coffee, you can choose the most common green tea.

Yerba mate

Yerba mate is a very popular energizing drink in South America. It is suitable both for regaining a sense of relaxation and for recovering strength. It is sold in sachets in herbalists and in fair trade shops. You can prepare it as a normal herbal tea. It is useful to regain concentration and to recharge with new energy both in the morning and during the day. After meals, it replaces coffee very well, as it has digestive properties.


La maca, also known as peruvian ginseng, Is a great one natural energizer. This food is sold in powder form. In the morning you can add a teaspoon of maca to your fruit smoothies, to restore your energy to the fullest. Maca helps fight stress and release tension. Also, when taken regularly as a supplement, it promotes fertility. You can buy maca in powder form in herbalist's shops or in fair trade shops.



Replace the coffee with one cocoa drink does this seem like a good alternative? The recommendation is to choose organic cocoa powder, even better if not subjected to high temperatures (cacao raw). This allows the cocoa to retain all its wealth of stimulants. Cocoa can also help you regain energy and feel more active, just like coffee. Replace it with coffee for the preparation of a cappuccino, or, from time to time, treat yourself to a good cup of homemade chocolate (both cappuccino and chocolate can also be prepared with vegetable milk).

Ginger decoction

Il ginger decoction it's great energizing drink. You can prepare it pure, bringing a slice of fresh ginger to the boil for each 200 milliliter cup of water, letting it simmer for 10 minutes and cool before filtering. Otherwise you can add small pieces of fresh ginger to the normal preparation of black tea or green tea, but also to the preparation of a smoothie. Ginger improves circulation, warms and protects against sore throats and colds. In short, it has many more virtues than coffee.


Ginseng helps reduce the sense of fatigue and eases the energy recovery. You can try replacing coffee with a natural ginseng supplement, which will also help boost the immune system and cleanse the liver. In addition, in herbal medicine, it is possible to buy ginseng suitable for the preparation of infusions. It also has antidepressant and aphrodisiac properties. We do not recommend the traditional ginseng coffee which is now also found at the bar or the soluble coffee in the supermarket as it is too rich in added sugars (in many cases they are the first ingredient on the label) (Read also: Ginseng: a thousand properties, uses and where to find it

Barley coffee

A very popular drink even by the little ones is barley coffee which is obtained from dried or toasted barley. It can be chosen in the soluble version to be dissolved in water, milk or vegetable drink or in the one for mocha which is prepared like the most classic coffee. It is also commonly found in bars and can therefore be a great alternative even when you are away from home and want to take a break with a hot drink. But try to choose the one with no added sugars and that has as few ingredients on the label as possible.

Chicory coffee

From the roots of Cichorium Intybus, cleaned, dried and then roasted, an excellent alternative drink to coffee is obtained that is not only tasty but also healthy. It is naturally caffeine-free and offers a number of benefits including: improves digestion, helps liver work, promotes intestinal regularity and keeps blood sugars at bay. All these advantages are due to the active ingredients present in the bitter grass from which it is obtained, precisely the chicory that we usually consume in other ways. There are different versions of this coffee: the soluble powder that you just have to dissolve in hot water and the grinding of the chicory roots suitable for the classic mocha.

Barley grass

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Barley grass juice is a real superfood. In fact, it has been confirmed that it is the richest vegetable in vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and enzymes. It is also a drink particularly rich in chlorophyll and therefore among the properties it also has that of being antibacterial, detoxifying, immunostimulating and alkalizing. The barley grass with which to prepare the drink can then be found in herbalists, organic and natural stores but also online.

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