If you notice these signs you may have liver problems that should not be underestimated

Any liver problems can lead to the appearance of symptoms that are not always easy to relate to imbalances in this organ. Let's see the most common ones that act as a wake-up call

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Our body in many cases tries to give us signals that something inside it is not going as it should. Also any liver problems can lead to the appearance of symptoms which, however, is not always easy to relate to imbalances in this organ.

Disorders and dysfunctions of the liver can give different kinds of signals, some more characteristic and easy to recognize, others decidedly more generic and that only a doctor can interpret by evaluating the situation of the complex. (Also Read: Liver Cancer: Common Symptoms Not To Be Underestimated That Can Be A Warning Sign)

In most cases there is no need to be alarmed but it is good to know 10 possible symptoms of liver problems that should not be underestimated:


Yellow skin and eyes

When the skin and the sclera (ie the whites of the eyes) take on a yellow color, the first thing to think about is that there is some liver problem. This is a condition known as jaundice, which is quite common in infants and less common in adults. If you notice a similar color change, contact a doctor immediately who will assess the presence of viruses that have damaged the liver (such as those causing hepatitis B and hepatitis C) or other diseases affecting this organ.

Very dark urine

Unless you are very dehydrated or are taking certain medications that change the color of your urine, it shouldn't be too dark or orange or brown. Also in this case it is better to contact a professional to get to the bottom.

Itchy skin

One of the characteristic symptoms of possible liver damage is intense itching of the skin or very dry skin. This happens because the ailing liver is unable to break down the bile deposits and the body tries to expel them via the epidermis. If you suffer from apparently unmotivated severe itching, contact a doctor immediately.

Appearance of bruises

We all happen to see bruises appear following a blow but if these are very frequent, and we do not even notice any trauma, then we could think that it is a sign of liver pain. Bruising and, in severe cases, uncontrollable bleeding occur in patients with liver disease because the damaged organ is unable to produce the substances necessary for clotting.

Chronic fatigue

Fatigue is one of those symptoms that appears as a mirror of various diseases but when it comes to something related to the liver it is definitely stronger. This is believed to happen as people who suffer from malnutrition and hormonal abnormalities suffer from malnutrition and hormonal abnormalities, two situations that can contribute to body weakness and chronic fatigue.

Weight fluctuations

If weight builds up or suddenly drops without major changes in lifestyle or diet, this could be due to liver imbalance. Weight loss can occur because the body with a troubled liver has problems metabolizing useful nutrients. As for the accumulation of pounds, this may be due to a liver that is unable to work well the bile which, rich in fat, is put back into circulation.

High fever

High fever can originate from many different causes including an unhealthy liver. In this case, the increase in temperature is due to the fact that the organ is not functioning well and some toxins increase in the blood that cause the body to cause fever to appear in order to fight them better.

Stools that are pale or yellowish

Stool color can also suggest a liver problem. Be careful in particular if these appear lighter than usual or tending to yellow for several days in a row. Obviously, the new situation does not always reflect a problem with this organ, it could also be more simply due to the presence of colitis or something else. However, inform your doctor.


Nausea is a fairly generic symptom that can also be traced to the liver. It can appear especially after meals and be accompanied by vomiting. Often its presence is due to something else (for example an intestinal flu) but if it persists for many days, contact your doctor for further information.

Abdominal pains

In some cases, an unhealthy liver causes abdominal pain particularly in the rib area. However, it is possible to perceive them as a reflection up to the back and abdominal swelling may also appear at the same time.

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