If you have nothing more beautiful to say than silence, shut up

Better to be silent than to speak out of turn or with destructive feelings. The creative and vibrational power of the word. The strength of impeccable language.

Don't store avocado like this: it's dangerous

Sometimes it happens that people speak only because, as they say, they have the tongue in their mouth: that their conversation is therefore in vain, not very constructive. Useless. Moreover, without even the awareness and irony of Oscar Wilde, evident in his famous aphorism: "I really love talking about anything, it's the only topic I know everything about".

And then there are those who - more or less consciously - gossip, make words a weapon to hurt, offend, denigrate, disturb, deceive; to throw up on others their sufferings, memories, beliefs. Etcetera etcetera.

The truth is that often the words we speak are considered little more than sounds, verbal expressions that end there. We do not remember that, instead, behind it there is a powerful world that we reactivate, every time, on ourselves and on others. "According to the statements of ancient cosmologies, the world would have originated from a creative" word ", that is, it would have been created by means of a sound rhythm ... This sound was .. the first creative act": wrote the musicologist Marius Schneider in Stones that sing.

This is a quality that is still present today: Raimon Panikar, writer and theologian, defines the word as a "creative work". Not only that: each term has its own vibration, therefore information that spreads every time it is used. In short, the words we speak express concepts and at the same time create worlds within us and around us.

For this - as he points out Don Miguel Ruiz neither "The Four Chords"(Also available in ebook) it is important that our language is flawless. What does it mean? Do not talk nonsense, of course, but above all use ways, intentions and tones that are kind, constructive, of authentic listening.

If the spoken words express our emotional poison, they discharge our frustrations or disappointment, first of all they amplify those states within us (even if we can apparently immediately feel a satisfaction or a lightening of our weight); as a second effect they can negatively affect others as well.

In reverse, phrases expressed in a constructive way, oriented towards good, respectful of others, create a state of harmony and serenity within us and around us.

In summary: depending on how it is used, our communication can help us to overcome situations, to evolve or stop us, blocking our vision (it is no coincidence that the Toltec wisdom reminds us that the word can also make us slaves: perched on destructive feelings) .

Then better keep quiet, give yourself the time and inner space to process your experiences and transform them, try to listen to yourself and others in a new way: to give voice to new words. Better to say nothing, if not after asking yourself if your contribution is really useful in some way or if - rather - it is not only useful to give breath to the trumpets, to satisfy a personal ego that needs visibility, to feel important (sure, by doing so you run the risk of seeing what is really "behind": it is not always "fun" but it is a fundamental starting point for acting and communicating, then, in the world in a more conscious and present way).

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So rather than a talk that destroys, fuels conflict, exasperates the spirits, leads nowhere, better shut up: it is not renunciation, it is not absence but, rather, choice. Silence becomes golden: possible space to find new words, other states of mind, "flawless", and thus a different creative power.

And, since it has also been said that "a nice silence was never written", now, more, we cannot add.

If not our personal work, for resonate in the vibrations of the language we use and learn from there, and start again.

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