If you have at least 4 of these 5 traits you are a psychologically stable and (happy) person

According to some researchers, whoever has at least 4 of these 5 traits is a psychologically stable, balanced and (happy) person.

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What are the character traits that distinguish the most psychologically stable and serene people? Some researchers have tried to answer the question, reporting the results of their investigations in an article published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Starting from the theory of Big five, which it identifies 5 personality traits of personality (extroversion / introversion, agreeableness / unpleasantness, mental openness / closure, conscientiousness / neglect, neuroticism / emotional stability), the scholars asked the personality and positive psychology experts to report what, in their opinion, were the characteristic traits of people who enjoy greater psychological well-being. 

And four of them emerged: 

  • High levels of openness to feelings 
  • High levels of positive emotions 
  • High levels of pleasantness connected to the sincerity in relationships with others
  • Low levels of neuroticism (hence low levels of anxiety, anger, impulsiveness and so on)

Taking further insights, the researchers found that people with these traits tend to be happier, more satisfied, and more optimistic on average. But also more prone to self-control, less aggressive, less hostile and less antisocial. 

As interesting as these results are, and potentially useful for identifying any personal characteristics that obstruct, in an unconscious way, our well-being, there is no shortage of critical issues. Similar studies have their own validity because they help shed light on the mechanisms of the human soul, but we must not forget that reality often deviates from statistical data.

Sometimes apparently dysfunctional characteristics and balances that do not correspond to the established requirements, hide unexpected and positive implications, including with regard to troubleshooting. In short, it is okay to analyze well-being but let's do it pay attention to the manual "formulas". Fortunately, we are all different, unique and wonderfully imperfect. 

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SOURCES: psycnet

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