If you feel the need to clear your throat all the time, here's what you should try

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Continuously clearing your throat can be annoying to both you and the people you live with. Here's what to do to fix the problem.

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Mmm Mmm. Usually there let's clear our throats when we have a cold, hoarseness and a little mucus in the back of the throat, an annoying situation that fortunately only lasts a few days. But what if we feel the need to clear our throats for weeks or even months?

The situation could become irritating not only to you, but also to the people you live with every day. (Read also: Phlegm: natural remedies to thin it that really work)

What causes all this throat clearing? And what can we do to fix the problem? Let's say straight away that if this throat condition lasts more than two or three weeks, a professional evaluation by the doctor is needed.


Causes and remedies for prolonged clearing of the throat

There are many causes that lead to throat clearing. Sometimes it is caused by a simple over-hot coffee, some people may even suffer from tic or it could be caused by allergies. But let's see 4 causes that can be more serious.

Nose drip

Il runny nose it is the most common cause that leads us to clear our throats. The nose produces nasal mucus to help clear infections and allergens or in response to dangerous conditions such as exposure to cold. Mucus can drip from both the front of the nose and the back, then down the throat. If the mucus is too thick to swallow, we try to get it out by clearing our throats.

Solutions: The main solution is to counteract nasal drip, for example by using cold sprays. It's best to discuss these options with a healthcare provider, because some sprays can also make symptoms worse. The key is to understand what is causing the excess mucus production.


Another common cause of throat clearing is laryngopharyngeal reflux. Stomach acid helps digest food, but if it is present in excess it sometimes flows backward down the esophagus and could travel to the vocal cords or throat, causing irritation and clearing of the throat. However, not everyone with acid reflux experiences a burning sensation in the throat.

SolutionsFollowing an anti-reflux diet and not lying down immediately after eating can help in some cases. Often, people have to use medications for several weeks or months to reduce stomach acid production.

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There are some Medicines for the heart and blood pressure which can cause clearing of the throat, or so-called ACE inhibitor drugs. This side effect can occur even years after starting therapy with these medicines. There solution in this case it is simple: the problem will disappear a few weeks after stopping the treatment.

Nervous system problems

Nerves damaged in the throat area could be another cause. It is the most difficult problem to treat and is usually diagnosed after all other possible causes have been ruled out.

Solutions: visit the otolaryngologist and get a prescription for medicines that can help treat the symptom.

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