If you drink a cup of rosemary water a day, the side effect on your brain is amazing (study)

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Drinking a cup of rosemary water a day can increase our ability to memorize information by up to 15%.

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Il rosemary it is not just an aromatic herb to use to flavor foods. In fact, rosemary does not just give a unique taste to many dishes, but also has many useful properties for our health and well-being.

For example, a pilot study from the University of Northumbria in England has shown the effects benefits of rosemary water for memory and cognitive functions and brain aging. Consume rosemary hydrosol it could even rejuvenate our brain by 11 yearsi.

According to the study, drinking a 250-milliliter cup of rosemary water per day is capable of increase our ability to memorize information up to 15%.

In addition, the consumption of rosemary hydrosol can prevent brain aging, thanks to the antioxidant substances contained in it and capable of reducing inflammation affecting the nervous system.

These properties of rosemary water are added to the numerous evidences supporting the potential of this aromatic herb to improve memory, cognitive functions and concentration, promote a good mood, reduce stress and benefit the cardiovascular system.

To enjoy the benefits of rosemary water just add two tablespoons of hydrosol to a cup of water to sip throughout the day.

Alternatively, it is possible prepare a rosemary infusion: after boiling a cup of water in a saucepan, add a tablespoon of dried rosemary leaves. After leaving the leaves to infuse for 12 hours, it is filtered and consumed.

Ideal for very stressful times when we need to concentration in study and work.

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