If you can't stop wasting time, focus on the benefits of procrastination (which could be brilliant)

If you can't stop wasting time, focus on the benefits of procrastination (which could be brilliant)

If you can't stop procrastinating focus on the benefits it brings, you will find that it is even a trait of genius people.

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You've tried all the tricks, read guides on guides, consulted experts on procrastination, but nothing to do? Do you continue undeterred to postpone to tomorrow what you could do today? Well, perhaps this "bad" habit is not all that bad, quite the contrary it might even be brilliant.

According to Adam Grant, professor of Management at Wharton, author of the book "Being original: how nonconformists change the world", procrastination is a very widespread among the most innovative thinkers on the planet, including two of Apple's co-founders, Steve Jobs e Steve Wozniak.

In the interview with Business Insider, Grant explains that today procrastination is associated with laziness and apathy but in ancient Egypt it was seen as a warning: "the right time has not yet come". That is to say that those who procrastinate, deep down, know that now is not the time to proceed.

If procrastination, Grant says, is bad when it comes to productivity, it is positive for creativity. Steve Jobs knew well that he was postponing things to give rise to more alternative ideas than conventional ones.

This is a strategic procrastination that all of us, according to Grant, can test in daily life, simply by stopping any creative activity and postponing it before the end, to allow more original ideas to emerge.

The benefits of procrastination

Genius aside, i benefits of procrastination do not end there, here is a list:

  1. allows us to have a more complete picture when we have to make a decision;
  2. as we put off a job, we have more time to perfect it e identify any errors and oversights;
  3. It allows us to do not waste time on useless activities or that just aren't for us;
  4. protects us from hyper-productivity typical of these times;
  5. stimulates and enhances alternative creativity;
  6. It allows us to understand what it really does for us.

And just to conclude with a flourish, know that another research, "The Structural and Functional Signature of Action Control", has shown through magnetic resonance that the cause of procrastination is a 'amygdala on average larger, as well as a low functional connection between the latter and the dorsal ACC.

The amygdala is involved, among other things, in the management of emotions and if it is larger in size, it causes greater anxiety when preparing to perform a given task. Proof that procrastination doesn't necessarily depend on laziness!

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