If you always wake up at the same time in the middle of the night, here's what you absolutely must NOT do

If you always wake up at the same time of the night and can't get back to sleep, there are some activities that you absolutely must avoid if you want to go back to sleep.

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Do you often wake up at the same time in the middle of the night? There is no need to worry if once you wake up you can quickly regain sleep, however if you find it difficult to go back to sleep it is possible that you are suffering from insomnia. (Also Read: Next time you wake up at 3am (or in the middle of the night) try this)

In fact, the term "insomnia" does not refer only to the more or less serious difficulty in being able to sleep, but also indicates a sonno insufficient and not restful, distinguished by repeated nocturnal awakenings.

There may be a cause for this sleep disorder anxiety o stress, the two main disturbing factors. The quality of sleep, however, can also be changed by other serious causes, such as drug abuse, alcoholism, nervous system diseases, medication side effects, restless leg syndrome, or premenstrual syndrome.

Most of the problems related to insomnia depend however lifestyle that you conduct every day and from habits. In fact, even the sedentary can be at the origin of the disorder, doing physical activity such as walking or cycling could already lead to more positive results on the quality of sleep.

Between the things to avoid doing absolutely when you wake up during the night and want to regain sleep, we remember:

  • exercise, as your body will become active rather than ready for rest;
  • light a cigarette, because nicotine is stimulating;
  • consuming exciting drinks, alcohol and too heavy foods can negatively affect the quality of our sleep;
  • turn on electronic devices such as computers, smartphones or consoles: try to turn them off at least half an hour before going to bed;
  • take hypnotic-sedative drugs if you do not have a doctor's prescription, as there is often no need for drugs to combat insomnia;
  • taking hypnotic-sedative drugs after the deadline set by the doctor (it could also create an addiction);
  • watching horror or science fiction films especially if you are particularly sensitive to this kind of films, as they could create a state of anxiety in the subject.

Meditating, always going to sleep at the same time, regulating the temperature in the bedroom, are activities that can help us regain sleep.

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