Ice cream on a stick: 10 recipes beyond simple popsicles

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A list of ice cream recipes on a stick for all tastes to be prepared without an ice cream maker

Don't Store Avocado Like This: It's Dangerous A recipe list of ice cream on a stick for all tastes to be prepared with and without ice cream maker

Summer synonym of gelato and preparing it at home is one of the simplest things if you have an ice cream maker that allows you to do everything in just over half an hour. But even if you don't have it available, arm yourself with cold ingredients from the fridge, blender and sticks. Yes, because if there is one simple and delicious thing that everyone can agree on and make the children really happy, it is ice cream on a stick, at home as in an ice cream parlor, where they now find all tastes and shapes.

In short, ice creams are very simple to prepare at home and it is the good excuse to choose the flavors and variants that you like best and to obtain completely natural products and free of artificial dyes. To sweeten yours do-it-yourself ice cream, for example, you can choose alternatives such as stevia, rice malt or the Maple syrup, but if among the ingredients you will use the ripe fruit, there probably won't even be a need for further sweetening.

As for the shape to give to your ice cream, there are special molds on the market, but this is also the right opportunity for reuse the wooden sticks of the popsicles previously eaten and maybe even the yoghurt pots. Generally, stick ice creams are prepared with the same procedure as normal ice cream, but you will have to remember to insert the wooden toothpick inside the ice cream before it solidifies completely. For this reason, you can start checking your popsicles about an hour after placing them in the freezer.

Here are 10 recipes you can take inspiration from.


Chocolate and banana ice cream

Photo source: Curious radish

For this recipe, the very well ripe bananas. Shred the bananas and place them in the popsicle molds. Then melt the dark chocolate and, with the help of a teaspoon, mix it directly in the mold. Let it freeze for a few hours. Here the whole recipe.

Banana and kiwi ice cream

The decidedly sweet flavor of the banana will break up the more acrid one Kiwi with a truly exquisite result. Cut the bananas into small pieces and freeze. Once the pieces have been removed from the freezer, allow a few minutes to pass and blend them together with the kiwis. You will get an exquisite cream in which to insert, before it solidifies completely, a stick. The recipe here.

vegan cream

Source: Vegan blog

For this recipe, use the cashew nuts to soak first, then water and agave syrup. Pour everything into a mold by adding a stick to the base and place in the freezer. Here is the complete procedure.

Vegetable yogurt ice cream

Start from soy yogurt or rice and mix the fruit you prefer. If you want, you can add some sweetener of your choice. Pour everything into the molds and let it rest in the freezer for a few hours, until it solidifies.

Peach and yogurt ice cream

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Use some vegetable cream (which also exists in a sweet version to whip, in coconut, rice or soy variants) and brown sugar to blend everything with fresh peaches cut into small pieces (but also some tasty strawberries!) e yogurt. Pour the into the molds and leave in the freezer. Here the doses.

Icicles with karkadè and fishing

This recipe is excellent for a delicious and refreshing snack, prepared with karkadè and peaches, it is also very simple to make. Perfect for young and old, the icicles of karkadè and peach have sweet and delicate taste and they are also thirst quenchers, you just have to prepare a supply to keep in the freezer. Here the complete recipe.

Watermelon ice cream

Queen of the summer, too watermelon lends itself to excellent and fresh do-it-yourself ice creams. For this recipe you need about 350 grams of well-ripened and sweet watermelon, 200 grams of white vegetable yogurt and 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix the honey with the yogurt and then add the watermelon juice obtained by blending it with an immersion blender. Mix and place in the ice cream molds. Before it solidifies completely, insert the sticks.

Almond and coconut milk ice cream

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Almond milk and tasty coconut flakes for an excellent creamy ice cream. Blend the milk, coconut flakes and corn starch well in a blender. And for coverage, follow the process here.

Vegan hazelnut ice cream

For this recipe use del coconut milk, organic hazelnut cream and stevia just enough. Mix all the ingredients and place in the ice cream molds. Before it solidifies completely, insert the sticks. Here the recipe of vegan hazelnut ice cream.

Cherry ice cream with Greek yogurt

Wash and pit the cherries then blend them with the greek yogurt and some honey. Pour the mixture into the molds (you can also add some strawberries), put in the freezer and insert the toothpicks before it solidifies.

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