Hypertension: This is the best tea to lower blood pressure if you drink three cups a day

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Drinking three cups a day of this well-known tea is enough to lower blood pressure.

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Tea time can be the healthiest time of the day. If you suffer from high pressure, in fact, one tisana al karkade (also known as Abyssinian tea or hibiscus tea) can help you reduce blood pressure, let's see why.

The karkadè is an infusion that is obtained from the petals of the red flowers of the hibiscus, a plant that grows mainly in Africa and in the Caribbean areas. According to research by Tufts University, it is the properties of the hibiscus plant that have beneficial effects on blood pressure. The researchers followed a group of patients who suffered from hypertension who were given three cups of karkadè a day for six weeks and showed that the drink helped reduce systolic blood pressure (the maximum value) by 7,2 mmHg and diastolic pressure (the minimum) by 3,1 mmHg. The herbal tea contains high amounts of flavonoids, chemical compounds known for their antioxidant activity. The health benefits associated with consuming a flavonoid-rich diet include a lower risk of heart or cardiovascular disease, as well as a reduced risk of some cancers.

However, the researchers caution that some small alterations herbal tea, such as adding milk or sugar, could cause you to lose some of its health benefits, although not by much. For example, adding XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar turns karkadè from a healthy, calorie-free, flavonoid-rich drink to a sugary drink which, if consumed in excess of one's caloric needs, can contribute to obesity in the long run. Furthermore, the fat contained in milk it can actually reduce the antioxidant power of herbal tea: this is because the flavonoids try to prevent the oxidation of fats present in milk. A high fat content of milk means more flavonoids interacting with fat and less available in helping in the body. It would therefore be preferable to use the skimmed milk.

It is important to remember that the herbal tea of ​​karkadè it cannot replace pharmacological remedies prescribed by the doctor, but it is certainly an excellent supplement and above all an adequate way to prevent moderate or more severe hypertension. Karkadè is also an anti-inflammatory, soothing drink and has digestive properties.

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Fonte: Tufts University

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