Hypertension: These two ingredients when taken together are better than blood pressure lowering drugs

The combined action of garlic and vitamin C could help lower blood pressure, at least according to a pilot study conducted in the United States. This is a small piece of research which, however, opens up interesting possibilities for further information on the combination of these two natural remedies.

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According to scientists at Cornell University in New York, coordinated by Adam Mousa, garlic and citrus fruits (which contain vitamin C) could fight high blood pressure safely and effectively at a much lower cost than antihypertensive drugs.

The study, published in the journal Nutrition Research, recruited 6 patients with moderately elevated blood pressure (140/90 mmHg) who were given placebo treatment for 10 days. They then underwent 10 days of vitamin C treatment, then 10 days with garlic tablets and finally another 10 days with a combination of these two natural remedies.

Vitamin C alone has no hypotensive effect but it has been seen that with garlic it is able to lower blood pressure to an average value of 120/80 mmHg. Specifically, it has been seen that:

  • The production of nitric oxide endothelial was increased by an astounding 200%.
  • On average, systolic blood pressure dropped from 142 mm to 115 mm.
  • Diastolic blood pressure decreased from 92 mm to 77 mm on average.

It is also interesting to note that once the garlic and vitamin C treatment was stopped, the blood pressure returned to its previous baseline values.

Scholars are cautious about the results obtained but put forward a theory on the functioning of the combination of these 2 remedies which would be effective because:

  • Garlic: it works by allowing the release of nitric oxide (NO) within the blood vessels
  • Vitamin C: : intervene eliminating i radicali liberi

Unless the best remedy to reduce hypertension is to prevent the problem from occurring, for example by reducing salt in the diet, other research has also evaluated the effect of vitamin C and garlic individually for the possible treatment of this condition. . There is no doubt about garlic, the situation is different for vitamin C.

In the 90s, some US scientists hypothesized that regular consumption of vitamin C (500 mg / day) decreased the blood pressure of hypertensive individuals by at least 10%. Always clarifying that vitamin C could never replace antihypertensive therapy, it was believed that it could act as a good adjuvant.

A group of researchers led by Kenny Jialal (University of Texas) chose to recruit 40 patients with mild or moderate hypertension and divided them into two groups. The first took 500 mg / day of vitamin C, while the second a placebo. After one month, the mean blood pressure of patients taking vitamin C had dropped by 9,1% while in the placebo group by 2,7%. Both groups never stopped taking hypertensive drugs.

Shortly thereafter, the potential of vitamin C as an antioxidant agent was discovered. Several studies also began to check its effect on hypertension but the results were somewhat disappointing.

Mousa's pilot study, however, opens up a new hypothesis, namely that associate a powerful antioxidant such as vitamin C with a releasing agent of protective endothelial function and nitric oxide how garlic can be the natural key to high blood pressure.

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