Hypertension: sugar the real enemy of high blood pressure?

Is sugar, not salt, the real enemy for hypertension sufferers? People with high blood pressure are usually advised to cut back on their salt intake, but new information about sugar is on the way now.

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The real enemy for those who suffer from hypertension is the XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar, and not the salt? Usually to those who suffer from high pressure it is advised to cut back on salt consumption, but new information regarding sugar is now on the way.

According to the most recent studies, sugar would have a much closer correlation than sodium compared to high blood pressure. It is sugar that is able to stimulate the hypothalamus, a phenomenon that could cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

There is one that opens up new avenues on the causes of hypertension research conducted in the United States at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City. The study in question was recently published in the American Journal of Cardiology. The title is clear: "An Unsavory Truth: Sugar, More than Salt, Predisposes to Hypertension and Chronic Disease".

The intake of sugar in the daily diet is likely to be high, starting with the habit of sweetening hot drinks in the morning, not to mention the excessive consumption of sweets and sweets. And of the added sugars hidden in various packaged products.

Experts especially blame sweetened fizzy drinks, which many people consume abundantly at any age. Such a rich and sudden intake of sugars would be responsible not only for blood sugar spikes, But also spikes in hypertension.

When blood pressure rises, the risk of heart attack increases. Hence the obvious importance of reducing the consumption of foods and drinks that contain refined sugars. In the opinion of the experts, sugar is associated with cardiovascular risk and for this reason hypertension sufferers should be advised to drastically reduce their consumption of sugar.

They also recommend that you be careful i low sodium foods. Those with high blood pressure may be tempted to buy these types of packaged products, believing they are healthy. In reality, experts remember that the body, in search of the right amount of sodium to take, would be led to consume more. With an increase in the introduction of calories and the typical unhealthy fats present in packaged products.

Is it better to cut sugar, rather than salt, in case of high blood pressure? THE researchers who took care of the new study think so. Probably a healthier diet in general, based on fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes, it would even help prevent hypertension, precisely because it is low in refined ingredients such as sugar.

So salt is no longer the main cause of high blood pressure? We expect confirmation from further studies. The hope is that doctors in the meantime will begin advising people at risk of follow a lighter diet and try to reduce your sugar intake to see if there will be any improvements.

Marta Albè

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