How to purify yourself after excesses

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Choose taste and simplicity to purify yourself when you have exaggerated at the table.

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Stuffed pasta and stuffed second courses, sweets of all kinds, vices and extravagances. Raise your hand if you have not transgressed at the table during the last month, eating as if there was no tomorrow and indulging in a few exceptions to the rule of too many, "I'll start my diet on Monday."

In a flash you will find yourself a few extra pounds, also thanks to the fact that - with the excuse, for example, of the Christmas holidays - that little bit of physical activity to which you were dedicated was also interrupted.

And it goes without saying that, like every year, one of the good intentions is: get back in shape! Come on, it's not as difficult as it seems to get back on track. Sacrifices? Not even so much anymore, just follow the principle that no drastic diets are necessary, it is worthless to skip meals and even less to observe a tantric fast.

What is there to do? Go back to a healthy and balanced diet and follow some advice:

1. Enough with refined foods! Say goodbye to pandoro and panettone, glazed desserts, fried foods and grandma's baked pasta. Even your stomach will ask you for mercy, because it is precisely these types of food - sweets, processed foods, but also excess caffeine or alcohol - that weaken the body, straining it and not providing it with the necessary nutrients to make it functional. better.

2. Water and lemon. Did you know that a cup of warm water and lemon (half or a whole lemon depending on your tastes and the sensitivity of your body) has the effect of a real detox shower and is able to better dispose of the toxins accumulated during the holidays? It is a really elementary technique and within the reach of even the lazy, able to improve digestion and "remineralize", so it also increases the energy with which to face the day.

3. Infusion. To detoxify, they must not be missing either infusions e herbal teas, the essential if you want to purify and dispose of food excesses. Water is a fundamental element for our body, useful for eliminating everything that is not needed. If you are unable to drink at least one and a half liters of water a day, you can supplement the liquids with herbal teas that help detoxification and stimulate diuresis.

A good buy are undoubtedly the Coop green vivi infusions. The Coop green vivi organic fennel infusion, for example, is ideal for those with abdominal bloating problems. Fennel seeds have diuretic and draining properties, which is why herbal teas and fennel infusions can promote diuresis, as well as reducing abdominal swelling.

The Coop vivi verde organic fennel infusion has a light, refreshing and aromatic taste: to prepare a good herbal tea, put a sachet in a 200ml cup, pour in the water previously brought to pre-boiling and leave to infuse for 5 about minutes.

Also excellent are the infusion of Coop green organic live mixed fruits and the infusion of Coop green live organic lemon balm, which contributes to digestion and promotes relaxation.

4. Soups and legumes. The top for those who want to follow a balanced diet without sacrificing taste. In winter, soups warm up and help purify us when we have overdone it at the table. For their part, legumes contain the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, which also contributes to maintaining a constant level of sugar in the blood.

The vivi verde Coop organic rustic soup and the Coop green vivi organic fantasy soup are very tasty: with both you can get your fill of proteins and fibers. Based on pearl barley, hulled red lentils, pearl spelled and green adzuchi beans the first, and based on red lentils, hulled red lentils, hulled yellow lentils, large green lentils, small green lentils and split green peas - all organically grown products - they are a true concentrate of well-being and health.

5. Fruits and vegetables to go. Needless to say, it is fruit and vegetables, mainly raw, that reactivate your body and get you back into shape. Obviously choose seasonal products: oranges and kiwis will bring you vitamin C, low-calorie apples, pears, against constipation, pumpkins and carrots for their concentrate of vitamin A, salads, fennel and spinach, which are diuretics, chicory and radicchio, allies of the liver. .

6. Walk. At the table, it is okay to get a grip on yourself, but don't forget that physical exercise does the rest. To dispose of toxins and excess calories accumulated during Christmas binges, just combine a healthy diet with a little regular exercise. Sufficient are a constant walk or, if you like, a morning run in the park.

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