How to protect yourself from the cold: all our tips

The cold has arrived, let's protect ourselves as best we can during autumn and winter. If we plan to spend time outdoors or in a very cold area, do not forget to bring suitable clothes, gloves, a hat and a warm scarf with us.

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The has arrived cold, let's protect ourselves better during autumn and winter. If we plan to spend time outdoors or in a very cold area, do not forget to bring suitable clothes, gloves, a hat and a warm scarf with us.

Beyond the advice on clothing suitable for the winter season, which should be obvious, what can we do to protect ourselves from the cold? We are really lucky, as there are numerous natural remedies that help us prevent the small problems that the cold can cause to the skin of the face and hands or lips.

If you have lips and chapped hands, if your skin tends to be dry especially in winter and if you usually fall victim to a cold at this time of year, here are some tips and natural remedies to protect you from the cold in a truly green and effective way.


How to prepare the skin for the cold

We should start prepare the skin for the arrival of winter before the real cold days begin. Prevention, especially if we have dry and sensitive skin, can be of great help. Let's remember in time, for example, to switch from summer face and body lotion to a rich moisturizer suitable for autumn and winter. We avoid harsh detergents and water that is too cold or too hot.

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Remedies to protect the lips from the cold

Protect your lips from the cold with natural remedies and use the same strategy to take care of them when they are dry and chapped. Among the natural remedies for protect the lips from the cold we find the eco-friendly and do-it-yourself lip balm and Shea butter, a truly irreplaceable multi-purpose remedy in winter.

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Remedies to protect your hands from the cold

It is useless to mention that for protect your hands from the cold First of all, you should wear gloves when you leave the house during the days with the lowest temperatures. In case of dry and chapped hands due to the cold you can intervene with some natural remedies and recipes to prepare do-it-yourself hand creams. For example, you could use aloe vera gel, argan oil and sweet almond oil to care for the skin of your hands.

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Remedies to protect the skin of the face from the cold

During the winter, our skin requires more care and attention, especially if it is already dry and prone to cracking. Let's remember nourish the skin of the face and body with ecological and safe products, starting with moisturizers. We can then resort to some natural remedies that involve using aloe vera gel as a soothing cream and as a pack for chapped or red skin and shea butter in case of very rough skin.

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Natural remedies for dry and cracked skin

If your face and body skin tends to be dry and cracked, remember to practice some important precautions: let's wash with warm water and delicate detergents, from time to time we exfoliate the skin with a natural homemade scrub and choose a natural make-up remover so as not to attack the skin of the face which is already sensitive in itself.

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Natural pillows to warm up

We can think of replacing the classic hot water bottle, if you like, with a natural pillow made with cherry stones or flax seeds. This type of pillow can be heated in the oven at a medium temperature or on radiators to have them available when needed as hand warmers, foot warmers or pain relief pads for the neck.

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Herbal teas for the winter

To warm up on a cold winter day there is nothing better than a nice herbal tea. Herbal teas can also help prevent colds and typical winter ailments. Among the most suitable herbal teas at this time of the year we find the ginger herbal tea, a spice with warming properties. Let's not forget, then, the echinacea herbal tea and the rosehip herbal tea to prevent the flu.

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Anti-cold essential oils for the winter

We have caught cold and we want to prevent or treat the cold? A really precious help comes fromaromatherapy and by essential oils. The most suitable essential oils to diffuse into the environment in case of a cold are the essential oils of pine, cinnamon, thyme, lavender and rosemary. Eucalyptus essential oil is very useful for fumigations.

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Natural remedies for chilblains

The intense cold slows down the skin microcirculation. THE chilblains they can particularly affect the tips of the fingers or toes, the nose or ears. Among the natural remedies for chilblains we find above all compresses, foods to improve circulation and grandmother's remedies, such as gently rubbing potato slices on parts of the body irritated by the cold.

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Heating temperatures

In our homes, let's protect ourselves from the cold but don't overdo it with the temperature of the warm ups. Our home shouldn't turn into a tropical island overnight, quite the opposite. In fact, remember that temperatures that are too high and dry damage skin and hair. The lips are also affected and the eyes may start to redden and itch. Better not to exceed 20 ° C in temperature with heating.

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Do you have any other natural cold remedies to suggest?

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