How to prevent the ffp2 mask from misting your glasses

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The goggles do not fog up with the mask if you clean the goggles with soap and water before wearing it. The researchers wrote this in 2011

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Il coronavirus requires a mask but who does not see well must wear glasses that inevitably fog up? This does not happen if you clean your glasses with soap and water before putting on the mask. Researchers from University Hospitals Birmingham and Bedford Hospital (United Kingdom) already wrote this in 2011.

In full coronavirus emergency, in many supermarkets and other stores it has become it is mandatory to wear a mask. But taking off your glasses, if you can't see well, is still unthinkable. And fogging happens very often, especially in closed places.

It happens because the goggle directs much of the exhaled air upwards where it comes into contact with the lenses of the glasses: at that point the hot water vapor contained condenses on the colder surface of the lenses, forming tiny droplets that disperse the light and reduce the ability of the lens to transmit contrast.

But we are not "doomed", there is a simple remedy.

“Immediately before putting on a face mask wash your glasses with soap and water and dripping off the excess - write the researchers in Annals of The Royal College of Surgeons of England - Then, allow the glasses to air dry or gently pat the lenses with a soft cloth before wearing them again. So they will not fog up when you put on the mask ”.

And why does this happen? The reason is due to the surface tension, that force that holds together the water molecules on the surface. This causes the formation of droplets on the glasses but the soap is able to lower it a lot (this is why the soapy water forms bubbles), preventing the formation of those annoying droplets.

“Washing the glasses with soapy water leaves a thin surfactant film that reduces this surface tension - the experts explain - and causes the water molecules to spread evenly in a transparent layer. This "surfactant effect" is widely used to prevent surface fogging in many everyday situations ".

In fact there are also those who suggest techniques for prevent air from rising towards the glasses, e.g. by folding the inner part of the bezel inward (from the Tokyo Police Department) or by adding a piece of paper. But cleaning the glasses with soap and water appears to be a method that is not only simple, but also hygienic and therefore very useful in this period.

Sources of reference: Annals of The Royal College of Surgeons of England / Tokyo Police Department

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