How to manage anxiety and stress disorders in one of the most difficult historical moments in your own little way

The vagostabil supplement by Cristalfarma, based on lemon balm and hawthorn, is a valid help to combat anxiety and stress.

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In this period, all of us are subjected to severe physical and mental stress that can lead to anxiety disorders, agitation and nervousness. Anxiety and stress disorders can worsen the quality of our life and it is very important to support our body in this difficult historical moment.

Nutrition, lifestyle and natural supplements can help us find calm and serenity and better cope with prolonged stress.


Anxiety and stress, what they are and what they entail

What we are experiencing is undoubtedly one of the most difficult historical moments of our times. Worry and uncertainty add up to the need to review one's habits and reorganize large spaces of everyday life and all this can represent an important source of stress.

In fact, in difficult moments, our body responds through the activation of the sympathetic nervous system which produces an increase in neurotransmitters responsible for a series of typical symptoms of anxiety. It is a non-specific response to stimuli that the body identifies as threats, useful precisely in facing difficulties.

However, if the response continues over time, it can lead to disorders that worsen our performance and the quality of our life. In fact, during particularly stressful periods, it is possible to feel agitated, nervous and in a bad mood and have difficulty concentrating in study, work and all normal daily activities.

Worry, nervousness and stress can also have a negative impact on the quality of rest, digestive processes and the immune system. Very often, when you are stressed you suffer from insomnia or gastric or intestinal disorders, such as reflux and heartburn and you are generally more vulnerable.

Finally, the tension that accompanies moments of strong physical and mental stress can cause pain in the muscular system, causing or worsening pain in the back, shoulders and neck. To better deal with difficult times and relieve symptoms related to anxiety and stress disorders, it is therefore good to intervene to support the body.

How to manage difficult and stressful times

During difficult times, the mood worsens and the motivation to take care of oneself is lost. But it is precisely in the most problematic periods we should support our body!

To help the body cope with stress, it is first of all necessary to take care of nutrition, following a balanced and varied diet, and always carry out regular physical activity that contributes to the release of endorphins and neurotransmitters involved in mood regulation.

In stressful situations, to calm the states of agitation, it is also possible to resort to practices such as meditation and yoga and meditation exercises, which help to have greater control over one's thoughts. Plants, herbal remedies and natural food supplements can then offer a valid help to better deal with periods of high stress.

Natural remedies for anxiety and stress

In addition to nutrition and lifestyle, it is possible to resort to valid natural remedies to combat anxiety and stress disorders and promote physical and mental well-being during difficult moments.

Supplements such as vagostabil by Cristalfarma they are formulated with plants and natural ingredients that relieve agitation, palpitations, excessive fatigue and facilitate relaxation, calm and rest.

vagostabil contains, in fact,  melissa (Melissa officinalis) and hawthorn (Crataegus oxycantha), two medicinal plants whose use is considered safe and free from significant side effects. In fact, lemon balm has calming properties on the central nervous system and has a spasmolytic action, useful for improving digestion and reducing gastric and intestinal disorders.

Hawthorn, on the other hand, has known beneficial properties for the cardiovascular system and helps to regulate the heartbeat, which is normally accelerated in stressful periods. The action of lemon balm and hawthorn in vagostabil is enhanced by the presence of magnesium, a mineral essential to support the functionality of the nervous system.

The ingredients of vagostabil are all natural, perfectly tolerated and can help take care of yourself in difficult times like the one we are experiencing, improving mood, sleep, digestion and other symptoms associated with stress such as palpitations, agitation and nervousness.

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