How to make your life easier: 10 useful tips to experiment right away

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Does your life really seem too complicated? Perhaps the time has come to simplify it starting from your way of facing the difficulties of everyday life. Simplicity brings balance, freedom and joy.

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Your "vita" it really seems to you too complicated? Perhaps the time has come to simplify it starting from your way of facing the difficulties of everyday life. Simplicity brings balance, freedom and joy.

When do we start live with simplicity and to experience the benefits, we can concentrate on those still problematic aspects in which we still have to commit ourselves to identifying the essential. Based on your personal experience, you can consider one or more of the following six aspects to simplify, to live in a lighter way.

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Objects and material goods

In today's world we cannot do without all those objects that we need for our daily activities, but at the same time an excessive accumulation of material goods can complicate our life. For example, having as your sole objective the accumulation of expensive objects is a real waste of energy as well as money. Obviously, everyone will decide on their own how to invest the money earned. The important thing is that life is not based only on material desires but also on higher values.

Time available

Many of us have very busy days from the moment we get out of bed to the moment we go to sleep. Some people live this situation well and feel full of energy, while others can barely endure the excessive accumulation of commitments almost as if it were torture, until theexhaustion. At this point it would be good simplify the to-do list and eliminate at least one non-fundamental voice to give yourself a few moments of calm and rest.

Goals to achieve

Sometimes in life you feel attracted to many goals to be achieved so much that you frequently oscillate between one passion and another until you lose sight of your true goal. Choose to reach one goal at a time. The advice, before embarking on a new path or starting a training course or a sporting activity, is to choose what you are most passionate about at that moment with the aim of improving yourself. Then you will have to try to concentrate on the chosen goal without too many distractions.

Obsessive thoughts

Some people feel overwhelmed by their own obsessive thoughts. They cannot find peace or make a decision because they are continually obsessed with their past, because they allow themselves to be influenced by the ideas of others or because they are afraid of making mistakes. When the mind is agitated by a thousand thoughts, we cannot think clearly. Simplify your thoughts and try to calm the mind thanks to meditation. The choices to be made and the decisions to be made will seem much clearer to you.

Accumulation and disorder

Our home is the mirror of how we feel. Perhaps over time, almost without realizing it, we have accumulated a series of objects that in reality are no longer useful to us. The time has come free ourselves from the accumulations of the past that somehow keep us tied to a time that no longer exists even through the things we have stacked in the cellar or in the attic. We will have more space available to accommodate the new and our home will automatically be tidier and more comfortable.

Relations with others

We can learn to express ourselves in a simpler and more direct way and above all a communicate with others transparently. If our sentences are clear, no one should have the problem of risking misunderstanding them. In dealing with others we always choose clarity, which is the basis of honesty. We do not judge, we do not offend but at the same time we learn to express what is wrong with the right words. In this way we will be able to simplify our relationships with others and have much less worries.

Nutrition and health

We try to find a balance in our diet suitable to help keep us healthy. Perhaps we tend to eat too quickly during the lunch break because we are constantly busy with work commitments or perhaps we are giving little weight to the importance of bringing to the table dishes prepared with simple, healthy and natural ingredients that are good for both body and mind . Simplification also starts from ours way of shopping: more natural and whole foods, less processed and packaged products, with very long lists of ingredients. Prepare a weekly menu and a list of the ingredients you really need to simplify your way of shopping.

Free time

If your life seems too hectic and you are feeling stressed, maybe it could be a real one lack of free time to dedicate to oneself, to friends and to one's passions. Try to get 30 minutes of free time out of each day: for example, take a walk during your lunch break, wake up a little earlier in the morning to have a leisurely breakfast or decide to check your e-mails at set times only once or twice a day. day so as not to be distracted all the time. You will feel much freer and lighter. Sometimes it takes very little to initiate a nice change.

Internet e social network

Maybe you are spending too much time in front of the TV, computer or smartphone screen. These are the most powerful means of communication of our time, but every now and then it's good to take a break. Perhaps your life will become simpler and more peaceful if you start changing some of your habits. For example, try turning off your mobile phone when you go out with your friends so as to pay attention only to the people who are present there with you at that moment.

Multi tasking

Be Multi-tasking sometimes it is a necessity, but our body and mind need to rest at some point. Trying to complete multiple tasks at a time certainly doesn't make your life easier. Sometimes it is a simple matter of organization. If we have urgencies to complete but also some secondary chores to attend to, we try to focus first on what is most important and then dedicate ourselves to everything else. When we find ourselves in a situation of need, we do not forget to ask for help from the people who are close to us and we remember that, especially at work, being multi-tasking reduces productivity and increases stress.

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