How to make poppy petal jam

The recipe to prepare an original jam using poppy petals, a spontaneous plant with emollient and sedative properties


Il poppy it is a spontaneous plant with a sedative and antitussive action. The petals of the poppy are edible and can be used to decorate dishes, prepare syrups and make jams. Let's see how to easily prepare the jam of poppy petals.


Characteristics of the poppy

Il poppy , or rosolaccio, (Papaver rhoeas L.) is an annual plant of the Papaveraceae family, very common and spread spontaneously in wheat fields and uncultivated meadows.

This herbaceous plant has a rosette of basal leaves from which flower stems rise in spring. THE poppy flowers they are composed of red petals with a black nail and, after flowering, fruits rich in small black seeds develop from the flowers.

Properties and uses of the poppy

The drug of the plant is represented by the petals which contain anthocyanosides and small amounts of alkaloids, including rhoadine. The dried poppy petals are used in herbal tea for emollient and mildly sedative properties, to soothe coughs and to promote relaxation and sleep.

The whole poppy plant is edible: the young leaves are collected before flowering and eaten raw in salads or cooked; the seeds are used to decorate salads, soups and baked goods; the fresh petals instead they are used in moderation to decorate various dishes, color sauces and desserts or to prepare syrups and jams.

Poppy petal jam, the recipe

Below, here is the recipe for making a jam using poppy petals.


  • 350 grams of poppy petals
  • 4 mele renette
  • 1 kg of brown sugar
  • the juice of a small lemon


Wash and dice the apples without depriving them of the peel, place them in a pot with a glass of water and lemon juice and let them cook for about twenty minutes over low heat.
Meanwhile, prepare a thick syrup by dissolving the sugar in about 250 milliliters of water, again over low heat.

Blend the apples and add them to the syrup when it starts to boil. Wash and finely cut the poppy petals and add them to the apple puree and syrup and cook for another 20 minutes before pouring the mixture into sterilized jars.
Let the jam cool in the hermetically sealed jars and upside down, so that the vacuum is created.

You can consume the jam after 12 hours and, once opened, you will have to keep it in the refrigerator.

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