How to lower the PRESSURE

Hypertension. A problem that afflicts many people in our country as well and that must always be kept under control to avoid serious consequences for health. It is very important to know some tricks to lower blood pressure in a natural way, thus avoiding (when possible) the use of specific drugs.

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How to lower the pressure? L'hypertension it is a problem that afflicts many people in our country as well and that must always be kept under control to avoid serious consequences for health. It is very important to know some tricks for lower blood pressure naturally thus avoiding (when possible) the use of specific drugs.

High blood pressure is when the measurement highlights values ​​that exceed 90 minimum and 140 maximum. A situation that should not be underestimated given that hypertension makes the heart work harder, making circulation difficult and increasing the risk of stroke and heart attack. This is why it is good to intervene as soon as possible to stem the situation.


But how to lower blood pressure naturally? First of all it is important act on nutrition favoring some foods and drinks that have been scientifically proven to help improve the work of the heart by regulating circulation and heartbeat.


The first piece of advice is undoubtedly that of limit the use of salt to a minimum perhaps replacing it with some spices and aromatic herbs of your liking. Attention also to packaged foods, in fact in many products there is a certain amount of salt that is never calculated in the daily dose not to be exceeded.

On the other hand, what is highly recommended is to consume a good amount of fruit and vegetables daily, in particular they should be preferred foods that contain a lot of potassium. A few years ago, in fact, a research showed that the daily addition of just over one and a half grams of potassium linked to an increase in the consumption of fruit and vegetables lowers the risk of suffering from stroke and heart attack.

Another research also noted that the vegetarian diet can protect against hypertension. On that occasion (but not only) it was in fact seen that consuming red meat can double the risk of heart attack, diabetes and cancer while, as already mentioned, an increase in fruit and vegetables at the table it decreases the risk. According to the analysis data, vegetarians would have lower average blood pressure values ​​than omnivores.

In fact, there are many foods offered by the plant world that have been demonstrated benefits against high blood pressure, among them: watermelon, pistachios, blueberries, beets (especially juice) and dark chocolate.

An important role against hypertension also play i Probiotics. According to a review that looked at multiple scientific studies on the subject, regular consumption of probiotics, the good bacteria found in yogurt and fermented foods, helps keep high blood pressure in check.


In addition to the right diet, there are also gods natural remedies to lower blood pressure. Among these there are undoubtedly: karkadè, green coffee, garlic, ginger, cardamom, hawthorn, lime and uncaria tomentosa.

Di karkadè and green coffee we recommend the consumption of 3 cups a day while as regards garlic, to get the maximum benefits, it is necessary to take it raw or in the form of a supplement (it is good, however, to ask your doctor for advice first). Excellent the ginger tea which, against hypertension, can also be strengthened by using cardamom. As for the anti-hypertensive effect of plants such as hawthorn, linden and uncaria tomentosa to be taken in the form of drops or tablets, it is always better to ask an expert for advice regarding dosage and time of administration.

Also 'coconut water, especially if taken in the morning, thanks to its fiber, protein and vitamin C content, it is able to improve blood circulation and regulate heart rate.

The sun is another valuable ally not only for producing vitamin D and fixing calcium in the bones but also for lowering blood pressure. A half an hour of exposure in the cooler hours of the day, according to research, it is able to reduce pressure and heartbeat since once it reaches the skin, the sun's rays stimulate the production of some substances capable of regulating the work of the heart.

Also regularly practice yoga, deep breathing, or Tai Chi it helps to relax the mind and body by lowering the pressure and slowing down the frenetic rhythm of the heart.

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