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How to breathe correctly? Why is it so damn important? How to eliminate a very common mistake that we keep repeating over and over, for years now, to the detriment of our energy, our daily vitality and beyond?

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How to breathe correctly? Why is it so damn important? How to eliminate a very common mistake that we keep repeating over and over, for years now, to the detriment of our energy, our daily vitality and beyond?

in 1933 Otto Heinrich Warburg nobel prize for medicine discovered and proved that the true cause of cancer it is only one and it is there lack of oxygen.

Plus if you've ever heard of lymphatic system you will know very well that it is our defensive system against virus diseases and anything else that can damage our health, heals and cleans our tissues, transports immune cells, produces antibodies, in short, it is our "automatic system" of prevention and self-healing.

Well I don't know if you also know that the lymphatic system, unlike the blood, does not have a pump which allows it to circulate in the body so to ensure that the lymphatic system reaches all the organs and tissues of our body we can do 2 things:

Get moving, do physical activity

Breathe correctly

As for physical activity, the advice is short, but also very important, especially now that we are all running to prepare for the costume fitting. You have to be very careful not to confuse thephysical activity with physical well-being and then go to the gym and massacre our body convinced that this can benefit our health. Well this could actually ruin our health.

So how to behave?

Well my advice is to focus more on aerobic activities which favor the movement of the lymphatic system and also our breathing and avoid too heavy and anaerobic workouts.

You might ask me, "What are anaerobic workouts and what are aerobic ones?"

Well, hard to tell them apart, almost all workouts can be both aerobic and anaerobic, if the heartbeats are slow and regular, the activity is aerobic, if the beats are fast, the activity becomes anaerobic. The ideal would be buy yourself a heart rate monitor and keep an eye on your heart rate while exercising.

With regard to the second point, however, cWhat does it mean that we generally breathe badly? Well, most people do, and the most common mistake that almost everyone makes is chest breathing.

Try to breathe, take a deep breath. While you breathe do you swell your belly or chest?

If you have chosen the first answer, I congratulate you! Your breathing is correct at least from this point of view. If, on the other hand, it was your chest that swelled, you also breathe badly. Don't worry though, you are in good company! I myself first discovered it was breathing like this: rationally we think we fill the lungs so we do this, however during breathing the lungs are passive and the muscles responsible for breathing are the intercostal, thoracic, abdominal muscles and the most important of all the diaphragm!

Remember earlier I was talking about the lymphatic system? Well, actually he has a heart too, and he is the diaphragm that is the most important muscle of breathing and should carry out the greatest effort in breathing, thus allowing theabsorption of a greater amount of oxygen, favoring a better oxygenation of the entire organism and beyond, in fact the correct use of the diaphragm in breathing allows better digestion, in the blood circulation, and is also responsible for activating and sustaining the lymphatic system.

This is the reason why we have to breathe from the belly, because in this way we favor more the movements of the diaphragm bringing various benefits to our body.

You have the children present, they scream for hours without ever getting tired! The reason is simple, their resistance is strong because they breathe perfectly, and as you can see by looking at them, they breathe from the stomach. Same goes for the singers! One of the most important things they learn is the diaphragmatic breathing, it allows them to sing for hours at concerts without any problems.

I hope that the information contained in this article will be useful to you, and if you would like to try some exercise to improve your health you can download a free ebook on the 4 pillars of vitality that deals with breathing, considered the first. Just enter the email where requested and you will receive your free copy at the email address provided.

Lots of joy and vitality

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