How to improve concentration and memory: 3 tips

How to improve concentration and memory: 3 tips

Memory is comparable to a muscle because it tends to lose elasticity over time, especially if we don't keep it trained. Over the years or when we are extremely stressed and worried, we tend to make small mistakes deriving from memory defects. It is nothing serious but it is clear that if we commit ourselves daily to preserve it through the advice we will give you below, we will have a solid and reactive memory even with the passing of the years. 

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Nutrition and food integration

First we suggest following a healthy lifestyle to combine with the support provided by specific food supplements for brain functions. If it is important to exercise and follow a varied and balanced diet, it is also important to provide the body with the nutrients it needs every day. Memory supplements, for example, are an essential source of proteins, vitamins and trace elements that, perhaps, we take in small quantities only with food.

Food supplements for memory

Nowadays it is very difficult to follow a balanced diet because we are used to what has been defined as “quick cooking”, that is, ready to eat and often too rich in substances that are harmful to the body. Even industrial and intensive productions that do not respect seasonal cyclicality are the reason why we should all compensate for nutritional deficiencies through Dietary Supplements.

Between those memory specific we can suggest, after consulting with your doctor, Specchiasol Tonic Memoria, Bioton Eleuterococco or Solgar Neuro Nutrients, choosing between formats in vegetable capsules or in vials according to your taste.

Small daily exercises

The second step for train your memory and keeping it supple and healthy is about changing habits for daily activities that we sometimes neglect by opting for simplified solutions. Handwriting, keep the shopping list in mind, changing lockers at the gym or alternating different routes for the stretches we take daily to go to work are all small exercises that improve memory.

Reading is a fundamental activity that lengthens the life of our mind for many reasons. First, it broadens our vocabulary and improves communication skills while calm stress, dissolves tensions and allows us to escape with thought into imaginary worlds. At the same time, it trains memory, reasoning skills and brain elasticity.

The lifestyle that thinks about the future

Finally it matters a lot too lifestyle that we conduct. In our day we need order, that is a clear distinction between pleasure and duty. The wellness routine they are fundamental moments to be granted because they allow the body to release beneficial substances that stimulate good moodproductivity and attention. Therefore, even a walk a day is enough to stock up on vitamin D, to strengthen the immune system and enjoy the regenerating well-being that will give us the strength to overcome even the worst of days.

At first glance these suggestions might seem "trivial" but if we pause to think about the long-term effects that you could benefit from, you will find that they are not at all. Indeed, quite the opposite. A healthy and balanced lifestyle produces well-being for mind and body, it protects us from pathologies that arise with advancing age and, above all, keeps us young, serene and healthy.

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