How to get back in a good mood during the dark winter days with these "clever" techniques that bring the sun into your mind

By taking advantage of these "clever" techniques, you will bring the sun into your mind and find a good mood during the dark winter days

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Dark winter days can seem truly endless and it happens that they negatively affect our mood. It doesn't just happen to meteoropaths, we can all be negatively affected by prolonged darkness, which tends to make us unmotivated and more tired.

However, by focusing our thoughts on the positive aspects of the moment, we can influence the way we relate to winter. Many people have tried it, inspired by the refreming technique, which teaches how to change the way you face adversity. Discovering that it is not difficult to transform even the saddest and darkest day into a regenerating moment. 

Here are some "clever" techniques to change perspective e find the sun in your mind, despite the bad weather!


Take advantage of the long winter evenings to pamper yourself

Dark evenings tend to make us feel sadder but if you use them to devote more time to yourself, they can become very pleasant. Learn to rediscover the little daily pleasures and enjoy the moment, creating a Hygge atmosphere at home. Surround yourself with candles, indulge yourself with tasty dinners, make every moment special. 

Strive to get out despite the cold

If bad weather tends to negatively affect your mood, try changing your perspective. Instead of holing up in your house, force yourself out and try to explore the world around you. You may discover unexpected wonders. 

Just think that the darkest day of the year is just missing

If you feel down because of the short days, focus on the fact that the darkest day of the year, December 21st, is very close, and that from then on, the days will start to clear up. Reminding yourself that you have to last only a few days, could be extremely useful to find peace of mind. 

Use the time you have early in the morning to read and meditate

If during the summer you tend to wake up early to play sports and take full advantage of the day, in winter it could be much more difficult. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, even in bed you can do many things, such as indulging in a morning reading in the warmth or a few more minutes of meditation. Just change perspective!

Use the dark to learn how to be grateful towards the light of day

Instead of plunging yourself into the darkness around you, use it to learn to appreciate more the little light around you, fueling your sense of gratitude. His power is precious. It helps you to develop a loving inner attitude that supports you even in times of difficulty.

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