How to find and increase self-esteem in 10 steps

Are you going through a phase of low self-esteem? Unfortunately, sometimes certain moments happen just when you need to believe a lot more in yourself. Then you should try to take the situation you are in as a real estimate. You will face tasks and problems with all your energy and you will come out strengthened.

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You are going through a poor phase esteem? Unfortunately, sometimes certain moments happen just when you need to believe a lot more in yourself. Then you should try to consider the situation you are in as a real challenge. You will take on tasks and problems with all your energy and you will come out strengthened.

La perception of himself it has a huge impact on the world in which others view us. It is very important to remember that the basis of self-esteem resides in ourselves and does not depend on the opinions and even less on the judgments of those around us.

The motivation is crystal clear: only we fully know our strengths and limitations. We know how much we are really worth even if sometimes we don't recognize it. Sometimes evaluating yourself negatively is simply an excuse not to act, to avoid making an important decision or changing your life. Yet only by relying first on ourselves can we evolve.

If you think you've lost your self-esteem - or worse, never had it - don't be disheartened. Here are a few useful tips to regain and increase your self-esteem, with the aim of better facing the challenges of life.


Avoid sabotaging yourself

Perhaps you have recently focused a lot on the most important goal you want to achieve. In these cases the mind can come into play and obstruct you and making you believe that you are not up to the challenge you would like to face. It is a real self-sabotage that leads to a reduction in self-esteem. Do not be hindered by yourself in your actions. To increase your self-esteem, take one small step at a time towards your goal each day.

Give sincere compliments to others

When you judge another person, actually you are judging for yourself. Did you know? Others are for us like a mirror in which we tend to recognize our strengths and weaknesses. So basically paying a compliment to another person means recognizing in them a positive characteristic that we also have. If you just can't identify your positive sides, then try to see them in others, always sincerely and without flattery.

Complete one of your commitments

An easy way to boost your self-esteem right away? Finally completing a commitment or a task that you have been putting off for some time. For example, making a phone call or writing to a friend, cooking a tasty and healthy dinner, tidying up your bills, washing your car or something that requires you to make a decision. Even if it were small tasks, you will be proud of yourself.

Stop thinking only of yourself

It may sound strange to you, but one low self-esteem sometimes it could be accompanied by excessive concentration on oneself. The tendency may be to isolate yourself and you may even start thinking that others don't want to spend time with us because we are ultimately worth nothing. In reality, to improve the situation you should open up to others and spend more time in company, but without seeking their approval. Be yourself first of all.


I obsessive thoughts they are a threat to self-esteem. If at this moment you feel completely lacking in self-confidence, think that in reality you are a unique person in the world in your characteristics and that therefore you deserve a very simple reward: dedicate a few moments of relaxation: meditate, practice Yoga or Tai Chi , take a hot bath or whatever you like best.

Make a list of your goals

Your life cannot have been a complete failure. Certainly, perhaps even recently, you have managed to achieve the goals you set for yourself. We are human and therefore we tend to never be satisfied with what we have and to always want more. It is right and natural to have aspirations but it is also very positive to be able to rejoice in the results achieved and to consider them as a basis from which to start again when we feel down.

Sit in the front row

At school, in the office, during classes or meetings, most people tend to sit at the back of the room, mainly because they are afraid of being noticed. This can denote a real lack of self-confidence. It is an irrational fear that can be overcome. Make an effort next time and sit in the front row.

Talk in public

At the earliest opportunity, take the opportunity to public speaking or in any case to clearly express your opinion within a group of people, perhaps during a business or condominium meeting or simply between friends. Stop thinking your point of view has no value. Try not to be afraid of making your voice heard anymore. Without knowing it, over time, you could become a leader, first of all for yourself.

Manage your inner voice

Inside you perhaps there is a "little critic" who constantly torments you making you appear imperfect. Remember that: perfection does not exist. Instead, there is improvement and each person can progress in life by starting a real path of growth that can only start from the acceptance of what we are in this moment.

Make your contribution to the world

Do your best and put yourself at the service of others (beware of opportunities, though). Help out those around you when you can, both at home, at work and in your free time. If you feel part of the whole, like a drop in the ocean, you will realize that your defects don't count for much and are really small and surmountable. So improve yourself, if you can, but at the same time don't give up acting right away just because you don't feel perfect.

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