How to fight cellulite?

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What are the most effective natural remedies against cellulite blemishes? Let's see together how to fight this age-old female problem.

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What woman has never tried, sooner or later, how to fight the imperfections of cellulite? Whether it is soft, compact or fibrous, it is always unpleasant and unwelcome. She can appear at a young age, and her favorite places are hips, thighs and buttocks.

To eliminate it, scrubs and smoothing creams are not enough, because they act only on the most superficial layer of the skin. Cellulite arises deeper. It originates in the dermis and underlies an inflammatory state.

What are the most effective natural remedies for cellulite *? This article is dedicated to the one who has tried everything, and is now finally ready to take the situation seriously, without having to go through the scalpel. If that person is you, make yourself comfortable, read here and follow these directions for three months. Failure is unlikely if you follow the plan to the letter.

If you are not interested in understanding the physiological mechanisms underlying cellulite and want to take action immediately, click here. We advise you to read everything to know how to prevent it and not find yourself point blank after a few months!

To fight cellulite and come out victorious, a 360 ° strategy is in fact necessary. In this article we go step by step, and we explain to you:


What is cellulite and what causes it

Cellulite arises from a clogging of the microcirculation. What does it mean? That the peripheral blood and lymphatic circulation, the one that brings nourishment to the cells and removes toxins and waste from the metabolism, no longer works well.

This clogging causes the fat cells (fat cells) in the connective tissue to swell. Why does this happen? The reasons can be different: poor diet, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle are usually the perfect trio to generate a rather evident imperfection. Other times the reasons can be found in genetics, or in stress.

The important thing is to focus on what you can change, that is, on the aspects in which you can intervene directly. How important is it to follow the anti-cellulite plan we propose to the letter? It depends on your cellulite stage.

Types and stages of cellulite

Depending on its stage of advancement, cellulite can be of different types:

  • Fibrous cellulite it is recognized by the very pronounced mattress effect: nodules and depressions are very evident. It is characterized by an important stagnation of liquids and is the most acute state of cellulite, because the toxin accumulation and consequent inflammation affects the deeper layers of the dermis.
  • Soft cellulite he usually prefers to sit on his arms. Like the previous one, this too is tough to eliminate (but not impossible) and has a sketchy look. Its characteristic are precisely the rather visible cellulite nodules.
  • Less deep is the cellulite edematosto. The skin, in this phase, loses its elasticity and has a cushion effect, with swelling and edema. It is usually caused by poor circulation.
  • Compact cellulite it is the first stage of cellulite, and it is the easiest to eliminate with proper nutrition and hydration, combined with regular exercise. It is not very evident, the skin is toned and the small cellulite nodules can only be felt to the touch.

To combat cellulite effectively, there are several natural remedies. In case of edematous, soft or fibrous cellulite (deeper than compact cellulite) it is essential to act also from the inside with specific remedies, which we will present to you shortly.

Natural remedies

As you may already know, even the most recent cellulite, in order to disappear, requires the abandonment of some bad habits and the acquisition of new ones. During the three months of anti-cellulite strategy that we will present to you shortly, just for the sake of completeness we remind you that it will also be important:

  • Drink at least about 1,5 liters of water per day, at room temperature, between meals;
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol, sugary drinks, junk foods and those that are too fatty or prepackaged, cured meats and cheeses. Instead, opt for seasonal fruit and vegetables, whole grains, blue fish, legumes and white meats. Limit the salt and enrich your dishes with spices in its place: you will discover a new world!
  • Engage in aerobic physical activity, in a constant and appropriate way to your condition;
  • Stop smoking, if that's your case;

As anticipated, in the case of dated and insidious cellulite, to counteract its imperfections it will also be necessary to resort to specific plant extracts, which will act from the inside.

You may have already read that the extract from Pineapple counteracts fatty deposits, and that that of Garcinia contrasts the sense of famAnd. The limit of these natural solutions is that they act only on a specific aspect and not on the overall situation.

If you have already tried them and they have not worked, the reason can also be sought in the form in which you took these plants, which in themselves really possess the aforementioned properties. Many supplements contain plants in powdered form: this form does not guarantee the presence of the effective active ingredients within the product.

A great place to start is therefore to select only supplements that contain titrated dry extracts of plants (such as those with the Salugea brand): only these guarantee the certain and defined presence of the effective active ingredient inside. You can find this indication in the ingredients list on the label.

Anti-cellulite strategy (3 months)

So how can a good be conducted anti-cellulite strategy, so that it works even on the imperfections of the most stubborn cellulite? It must fully consider all the aspects underlying the imperfection: accumulation of fat deposits, malfunction of the microcirculation, intoxication (accumulation of toxins), inflammation and swelling.

The Salugea Anti-Cellulite Program is based on this very approach. It involves the intake of specific dry extracts, with high titration, effective in countering the imperfections of cellulite. These extracts, such as Pineapple, Centella, Red Vine, Garcinia and Gynostemma, act on all the aspects underlying the imperfection of cellulite, and it is their synergy that is winning ... by Nature!

The program is developed over three months, and each month focuses on one aspect, by means of specific plant active ingredients:

  • In first month the focus is on the need to purify the body in depth, removing toxins and excess fluids. Aloe vera barbadensis Miller juice is particularly useful for this purpose. The first benefits are therefore felt after the first 3 or 4 weeks, with a significant reduction in water retention.
  • In second month the focus is on inflammation, which can be countered with specific plant active ingredients, such as Maqui Juice. This fruit originally from Patagonia is also an excellent anti-aging, with a regenerating effect.
  • In third month the Salugea anti-cellulite plan focuses on supporting the microcirculation and restoring oxygen and nourishment to the tissues, improving their state of well-being and also their physical appearance. Acai is particularly useful for this purpose: it is a fruit with a powerful antioxidant action, originally from the Amazon.

Consistency rewards: after the first weeks with these anti-cellulite remedies you may already notice the first aesthetic improvements, and it depends a lot on the historicity and stage of your cellulite. The program is proposed over three months precisely to meet the needs of those who want to fight a more stubborn cellulite! To try!

* cellulite blemishes


The text is for informational purposes, it must not be understood as an indication of diagnosis and treatment of pathological states and is not intended to replace the Doctor's opinion in any way.

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