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During our life we ​​can find ourselves in front of moments that seem really difficult to face. Let's see how to deal with them

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During our life we ​​can find ourselves in front of moments that seem really difficult to face. It is normal that our existence is studded with ups and downs. Otherwise we would have no opportunity for grow, learn and evolve.

What we should never forget is that, even in the face of a really difficult time, we are ourselves a decide our attitude positive or negative towards a given situation.

And precisely the choice of the attitude to adopt in the face of difficulties can be decisive on the evolution of the situation in which we find ourselves and on our ability to learn something new from an experience that apparently makes us feel in front of an alley blind.

Adopting a totally negative attitude and letting ourselves be overwhelmed by it can lead us to a real paralysis and toinability to act. It may have happened to you to feel trapped and not to know which direction to take when faced with a difficult choice.

The first and fundamental step is to become aware of a difficult situation in all its aspects and to accept it for what it is. Perhaps escaping would seem simpler right now. But always living on the run is impossible. When you try to close your eyes to something you don't want to face, you are actually trying to run away from oneself and one's responsibilities.

Perhaps at this moment you believe that you have no responsibility for what is happening to you. In any case, however, you can try to control your reactions to events and determine their consequences.

As it reminds us Stephen Covey's 90/10 principle, everything that happens to us is determined above all by ourselves. And if we look at the Eastern philosophies, we discover that every action we take corresponds to a reaction. Every action we take always has a consequence. If we are facing a difficult time now, let's try to work on ourselves first and reflect on what we could do to improve the current situation, since we cannot change the past.

Here some simple tips which can become useful when we are faced with a difficult time.


We welcome our emotions

We try not to deny the anger, sadness and anxiety we feel. These emotions are really normal for us human beings and it is almost mathematical that they appear when we are in a difficult time. This is because we may have something to learn from these emotions. There anger, for example, allows us to react with determination to face difficulties, while the sadness gives us an important moment of release. Sometimes just shedding all our tears will we be able to feel better.

We accept that there are ups and downs in life

Suffering and happiness are part of the cycle of our life. They cannot exist without each other. We could not truly enjoy happiness if we never knew sadness and suffering. Let's try to think about it: sometimes in the same day we happen to be both sad and happy for different reasons. We can face sadness and accept happiness as a gift. Even if overall we find ourselves in a difficult moment, let's not deny ourselves the possibility of experiencing happiness for other aspects of our life that are giving us even just a little satisfaction.

We treasure happy moments

Difficult times may not always be completely dark and hopeless. A pinch of happiness, even if it seems almost impossible, could reach you at any moment. Be ready to welcome it. It could be, for example, a friend who has decided to put himself at your disposal to help you in what you will have to face or simply to listen to the details of what is happening to you. Don't refuse a gift of this kind only because you are not in the mood. Comparison with others could help you to look at your situation from a new perspective and maybe to identify solutions which until now you have not yet taken into consideration.

We transform suffering into an opportunity to react

In conclusion, all of us at least once in our life have found ourselves in a complicated situation or have had to face a setback that in that moment blocked our dreams and our expectations. How did we react at that moment? Did the situation change for the better after some time? Luckily, the normal difficulties of life are not eternal. Often they are real golden moments, unmissable opportunities to grow and to learn to transform suffering into an opportunity to react.

La happiness it is the goal of our life, the goal that all of us would like to achieve: we learn to recognize it and choose it even when we are experiencing a difficult time.


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