How to clean and dry curtains perfectly, based on the fabric

Washing the curtains at home may seem a complex operation, but with the right precautions it can become within everyone's reach

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Wash the curtains it may seem like a demanding activity to do and not easy to make, however it is necessary: ​​in addition to the aesthetic factor (the dust that settles on the curtain fabric tends to make it gray) and the possible presence of stains, washing the curtains at home eliminates a lot of mites and allergens that come from the outside and that go to settle on the first thing they encounter when crossing the threshold of the window or balcony - the curtains indeed.

First of all, how often to wash the curtains? In answering this question one must consider one's habits: for example, if you are a smoker even at home, the curtains will tend to get dirty and gray faster; or the kitchen curtains, exposed to the fumes of our food, will get dirty sooner and will tend to become greasy and greasy.

Let's say that, in general, the curtains should be washed two or three times a year - obviously, if there are small children or people suffering from asthma or allergy in the house, the frequency must be intensified. Better to prefer periods of mild climate such as autumn or spring to wash the curtains.

A humid and cold climate such as winter would prevent the fabric from drying correctly, with the onset of an unpleasant musty smell; even a too hot climate and the presence of strong sun, such as in summer, would damage the curtains, causing the fabric to yellow.


Wash the curtains by hand

Challenging, but not impossible, is the task of washing the curtains by hand at home. The large amount of fabric to wash - especially when it comes to curtains for French doors - forces us to use the bathtub. Great attention must be paid to the fabric of which our curtains are made: different materials require different washing methods.

Linen curtains

Le linen curtains, for example, they must be carefully folded before being soaked in a tub full of cold water, so that the fibers of the fabric soften. After a few hours, we can empty the tub and fill it again with warm water, to which we will add a few drops of specific detergent for linen. We then move on to gently scrub the fabric with a soft brush, before proceeding with rinsing.

Silk curtains

Le silk curtains they are even more delicate, so we recommend consulting the label and making sure they can actually be washed without causing damage. In this case, we proceed with cleaning by skipping the soaking phase and without using any type of brush, before rinsing with cold water.

Cotton curtains

Le cotton curtains they are perhaps the easiest to wash, as cotton is a fabric that does not reserve surprises during treatments. Again, we wash the curtains in the bathtub and use a mild detergent to protect the vividness of the colors - for example, Marseille soap (HERE you will find the recipe for making it at home with only three ingredients).

Wash the curtains in the washing machine

Except in the case of silk curtains, which are particularly delicate, all curtains can also be washed in the washing machine - albeit with some extra care.

Cotton curtains

Only for cotton curtains no special attention is required. In any case, we recommend vacuuming the dry fabric before placing it in the washing machine, in order to avoid that a large part of the dust ends up in the drum - with the risk of leaving unsightly greyish marks on the fabric. We then insert the curtains in the basket, folded neatly, and choose a program for delicate fabrics, cold or at most 30 °.

Linen curtains

Even for the linen curtains we suggest the use of a washing program for delicate garments, which does not include a spin cycle, and a neutral detergent. In the case of particularly resistant stains (especially if on light-colored fabrics), we can add a little bicarbonate to the detergent drawer before starting the wash.

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How to dry curtains

Whether in hand washing or machine washing, curtains should not be wrung out - so that no wrinkles remain on the fabric that would force us to iron them. We fold neatly the curtains, still dripping with water, and arrange them on the drying rack to get rid of excess water. Once the excess water has dripped, we can attach our still damp curtains to the sticks in the house and let them dry completely.

Other useful tips

  • If we notice a stain on the fabric of our tent, we avoid rubbing it to try to remove it: in this way we will only further enlarge the stain and dirty, which will touch a greater number of fibers.
  • To whiten yellowed curtains we can pre-treat them with a bleaching mixture based on Marseille soap flakes (two or three cups), baking soda and coarse salt (two tablespoons for each), which we will add to the soaking water.
  • To remove stubborn stains from colored fabrics, we can use lemon juice, but only in the case of easily washable fabrics such as cotton. In the other cases, we test the reaction of the fabric on a hidden corner.

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