How to banish negative thoughts

We learn to remove the negative and repetitive thoughts that crowd our mind. Negative and repetitive thoughts hinder our concentration and the desire to live our days with enthusiasm.

Let's learn to ward off negative thoughts and repetitive that crowd our mind. Negative and repetitive thoughts hinder our concentration and the desire to live our days with enthusiasm.

Generate negative thoughts it can become a habit for our mind. Uncomfortable thoughts build up, become annoying, and stay where they are until we take action to get rid of them.

Trying to brutally banish negative thoughts by trying to get them out of the mind suddenly doesn't work.

The mind it can never be completely free of thoughts, must always have something to think about or an object to focus on. Here then we can be the ones to choose which thought to make our mind focus so that it is not always distracted by worries.


First of all let's try to ask ourselves why our mind is so crowded with thoughts negatives. If these negative thoughts are about ourselves, perhaps the problem is low self-esteem.

So to cheer up a bit and change our way of thinking let's try to pay attention to body language. Do we spend the days with hunched shoulders and pouting? It is likely that this way we are only benefiting the negative thoughts.

Let's try to change our way of putting ourselves, our posture and our appearance for the better. We smile, we wear bright colors, we give a positive image of ourselves and consequently the mind will also be more serene.

Sometimes negative thoughts simply accumulate in our mind because we don't express them and why we don't let our emotions surface. Then the thoughts become a tangle. To unravel the problem we start talking about it, we confide our concerns to a dear friend.


If at that time we don't have the opportunity to talk to someone about it, then let's start writing. Thoughts when they are black and white slip away more easily. And after having vented with pen and paper symbolically we can reduce our sheet into many small pieces and get rid of it to remove what old made us feel bad and make room to welcome the news that will arrive and that will surely be positive.

The trick of writing down negative thoughts and worries it also applies to those who are engaged in study or work but cannot be productive because they are often distracted.

In this case the solution is very simple: keep a pen and paper close at hand while you work or study and when needed, stop for a minute and make a list of all the thoughts that are bothering you and the non-urgent concerns that you can resolve after you have completed your work. Thus the mind will be free to focus on what is really needed right now and on the commitment that you need to complete as soon as possible.

If you don't like writing you can anyway express your thoughts and emotions creatively. Singing, dancing, music, art and painting are some of the expressive channels that can help you free your mind from repetitive thoughts.

When you are in the middle of an important commitment, you are very worried but you cannot express your emotions in an obvious way so try to dedicate yourself at least just one minute of calm and silence. Silence and deep breathing calm the mind and help it focus on the present moment and the goal to be achieved now.

Finally, if you want to train consistently to have a clearer mind, choose the meditation and practice it daily twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening for at least 20-30 minutes. Meditate by focusing on your breathing, positive thought, or mantra that you know and find useful.


Meditation is one of the most important tools we have at our disposal to free the mind from negative thoughts to calm us down and to recharge us with new energy. The secret is simply in consistency, but when we realize the great benefits that meditating gives us, finding the time to do it will no longer be a problem.

Marta Albè

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