How many times can the same frying oil be reused (before disposing of it properly)

The frying oil can be reused from 2 to 5 times as long as you follow some precautions. The suggestions of the English chefs

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How often can the same oil be used for frying? Many have asked yourself this question at least once. Some British chefs try to clarify the matter.

In the column dedicated to "culinary dilemmas" published regularly in The Guardian, a user asked for clarification regarding the oil for frying. Once used, can this ingredient be used again for frying or not?

Some well-known British chefs thought of answering the question. First Tom Hunt, award-winning chef, writer and activist who works to protect biodiversity and promote equality by raising awareness of the problems affecting our food system (including waste).

Since frying requires high temperatures, the chef suggests first choose a variety of oil with a high smoke point.  These include extra virgin olive oil, not to be discarded given its exceptional flavor and recommended precisely for its "smoke point higher than many think".

"Normally it's around 190 ° C. However, it can be lower, so be careful and avoid it overheating"

It is important, if you intend to reuse the oil, it is to pay particular attention to the foods you are cooking.

“There is no denying that frying pakora and puri (Indian food) requires a lot of oil, so it makes sense to use it more than once. But there are some rules to follow to get the best result ".

The most important thing is do not burn the oil or let it smoke, in this case it must be thrown away.

After the first fry, Hunt lets the oil cool completely, then it filter with a fine sieve and gauze, before storing it in a sealed container in the dark.

Other chefs use other oils and other systems of preserving the frying oil. Chef and food writer Romy Gill follows in her mother's footsteps and puts her used sunflower oil in a glass jar, while Chetna Makan keeps her in a pan covered with a lid, filtering it again just before use. .

Ma How many times can the filtered oil be reused?

Sometimes, variable depending on the case and the state of the oil which must always be kept in sight. It must not get too dark or frothy or have sediments of any kind. Even if it starts to stink, it's definitely time to throw it away.

Chef Gill even uses it 6 times for her vegetarian dishes, Makan instead a maximum of 5.

It must also be considered that the oil will take on the flavor of the things it has previously fried:

"If you are cooking fish, meat or something with a peculiar smell, keep that in mind next time you use it" suggests Hunt

Properly dispose of the frying oil

Chefs are right to remember that under no circumstances should the oil be poured into the sink and that every municipality has recycling centers where it is possible to dispose of used oil.

Just keep a bottle at home where you can pour the frying oil when it is no longer reusable and, once full, take it to the collection centers.

If you still have doubts about how to properly dispose of the frying oil (but also that of tuna) you can read the following article.

Source: The Guardian

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