How many cups of herbal tea can you drink per day?

Is there a limit to the number of cups you can drink in one day? Are there any possible side effects?

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Le herbal teas they are extremely beneficial for our health and can help us alleviate numerous ailments that we unfortunately have to live with every day. However, there is a limit the number of cups you can drink in 24 hours? This is a difficult question to answer, because every person has a different body chemistry and will have a unique threshold regarding tolerance for certain chemicals, first and foremost the caffeine. It may happen that one person is fine even after five cups, while another begins to feel bad already after the second or third herbal tea of ​​the day.

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Is it therefore possible to drink more herbal teas than necessary? Like most foods and drinks, it is certainly possible to drink "too many herbal teas" in one day. Of course this will not kill you, but it can cause unpleasantness side effects such as headaches, nervousness, stomach problems and insomnia problems, among other things. These aren't overly harmful side effects, but they can certainly ruin your day.

So what is the limit on the number of cups of herbal tea that I can drink in a day?

Generally, you can drink them 3 to 4 cups a day, that is, an amount that produces little or no side effects. You can still try experimenting to find out which one is yours personal tolerance threshold. However, another important element to take into consideration is to understand what are the properties of the herbal tea you are drinking. Many herbs are in fact considered safe even when they are taken in large quantities, while for others it is recommended to take them in more measured doses. For example, the licorice tea it is one of the herbal teas to look out for, as it could cause problems with blood pressure. You should therefore be aware of the possible side effects of each herb and be able to figure out what the recommended daily doses are. Indeed, many herbs possess anticoagulant properties and care should be taken if you have a bleeding disorder, are about to have surgery, or are already taking blood thinning medications.

So what we advise you to do is to inquire about the properties of the herbal tea you like to drink, examine all its side effects and inquire about the production method of that specific brand. If a certain type of herbal tea is considered safe but you still feel unwell after drinking a few cups, you'd better listen to your body and back off.

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