How and why you should water your plants with a cup of coffee, the result is amazing!

Not only the grounds, but also the coffee itself (obviously without added sugar) is an excellent natural fertilizer for plants, especially for some, let's see which ones

Every morning we drink a cup of coffee to give us that energy boost that we will need to face the rest of the day, but if we "make our plants drink" coffee too, will we get the same result? Use coffee like fertilizzante it is certainly not a new idea: just think about the coffee grounds used to create a fertile and nutrient-rich soil, this is because the coffee grounds contain nitrogen, an important component for plant cultivation. (Also Read: Natural Fertilizers: The 3 Best Ways To Fertilize Plants Without Buying Chemicals)

So, can we really water our plants with coffee? Let's find out.

The benefits of coffee for plant care

The coffee we heat on the stove contains magnesium e potassium, which are necessary elements for plant growth. Of course, we cannot use the coffee we drink with sugar, with a little milk or maybe even with a splash of cream. Sugar is not so much the substance that hurts the plant, but cream and milk are the most harmful substances for vegetables. So, if you want to use coffee to water your plants remember to dilute it first with a little water.

It is important to know that our plants grow best with a acidic pH (more precisely from 5,8 to 7). Coffee already has a pH of between 5,2 and 6,9, then adding tap water (which instead has a pH greater than 7) the acidity of the soil can be increased. What you will have to do, therefore, is to let the coffee cool and then dilute it with cold tap water (more or less with the same amount of coffee). After that, you can water any plants that like slightly more acidic soil, including:

  • the azaleas,
  • cyclamen,
  • hydrangea,
  • the gardenia,
  • the hyacinth,
  • aloe,
  • the pink,
  • the begony.

Water using diluted coffee just like you would with plain tap water. Don't use it to water plants that don't like acidic soil, though. Remember to do not always water with coffee: Plants will get sick or die if the soil becomes too acidic. Yellowing leaves can be a sign of too much acid in the soil, in which case, abandon watering with coffee and proceed with repotting the plants. Diluted coffee adds enough organic fertilizer to encourage busier, healthier plants.

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