Horse yoga: a non-violent way to tame horses and exercise

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The Horse Yoga technique is practiced at the Doma India School in Argentina and actually serves not so much to exercise as to tame wild horses in a non-violent way.

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Animals are not only "companions" but also prove to be faithful allies when doing sports such as running and, as we have seen in a previous article, they are also valid helpers when practicing gymnastic exercises. He had never seen it though a horse that together with a human being does yoga exercises. Well this also happens, at least in Argentina!

The Horse Yoga technique is practiced at the Doma India School in San Luis and is actually used not so much for exercise as for tame wild horses in a non-violent manner as well as calming horses that are nervous or have suffered a trauma.

The school, founded by Oscar and Cristobal Scarpati, is housed in a farm where father and son domesticate horses from all over South America thanks to the bond they manage to establish with these animals in the wake of the ancients "men whispering to horses"Which are also combined with exercises and body techniques aimed at gaining the trust of these animals.

As Cristobal Scarpati told CNN: “The philosophy of our school is the philosophy my father learned from an old Indian named Don Cristobal Luna who taught us how to recreate these exercises practiced by Indian aborigines. These people were gifted with extraordinary abilities and very often the survival of their tribe depended on them ”.

As you can see from the photos and video at the bottom of the article, the technique also requires the horse to be lying on the ground while the "tamer" performs vertical and other bizarre positions on him. On the school website we read that this method is in contrast with the more well-known ones, in fact “to tame a hand-to-hand fight in a natural game, similar to what occurs in a herd of horses”.

The horse is tamed according to its nature, avoiding causing fear or pain, it is not punished, it is not pulled or closed its mouth, it is not limped, etc. Furthermore, the "trainer" does not need to have great physical prowess but must "only" know how to get in tune with the horse.

What does yoga have to do with all this? Scarpati said by the way: "I sincerely believe that we can enjoy something very similar to yoga if we encourage people to play with horses and if we have the courage to truly connect with them on their frequency, in the frequency of nature" .

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