Honey: 5 good reasons to choose it organic

Buying organic honey means choosing a 100% natural product from before its creation. See here where to buy it >>>

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Honey is one of the foods richest in benefits for our body, so much so that, since ancient times, it was considered as a real drug. This extraordinary food, in fact, has important antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, and is also very rich in antioxidants.

There are many who consider honey as the most natural food there is: this is because it is thought that, being produced directly by bees, there is no interference by man in its production process. In reality, things are not exactly like this: nowadays, in fact, even honey undergoes frequent chemical treatments, which inexorably end up depriving it of all the main nutrients contained within it.

It is only organic honey, that is, the one produced in a completely natural way, without any human intervention, the only honey that can be said to be truly rich in benefits for our body.

Unlike what is commonly thought, choosing organic honey is not a decision dictated only to follow a passing trend, but it means buying a quality product, respectful of the environment and bees. In particular, there are 5 valid reasons to choose organic honey: let's find out together what they are.


No chemicals are used in the production process

As we said, the main characteristic of organic honey, which distinguishes it from all other types of honey, is the fact that it is produced with absolutely natural methods, and above all without using chemical components.

The latter are more used than you think: for example, they are present in medicines to treat bees, in pesticides and even in special products to clean hives. The main problem with the use of chemicals is that, in addition to being harmful in the long term, they risk leaving residues in the wax, and consequently also in the honey, which can be kept for well over 10 years!

It is the only honey that is friendly to the intestine

Do you know that organic honey is a real cure-all for intestinal problems? Numerous clinical tests have in fact highlighted how the chemical components present in industrial honey can cause alterations of the bacterial flora.

Organic honey, on the other hand, is made without the use of any chemical product, as can be pesticides and antibiotics, it is the only honey that can be safely eaten by those suffering from intestinal disorders without the risk of incurring annoying side effects.

It is produced far from polluted places

Honey: 5 good reasons to choose it organic

Buying organic honey means choosing a product 100% natural since before its creation: honey, to be truly organic, must in fact be produced in an uncontaminated environment.

In fact, the law provides that the hives must be located in a completely natural environment, preferably in an area at least 3 km away from possible sources of pollution such as busy roads, industrial areas and landfills. It is no coincidence that beekeepers generally place hives at high altitudes, in hilly and wooded areas, often within natural parks. This also has important consequences on the honey itself: did you know that it is the scent of the thousands of different types of flowers that grow in these uncontaminated areas that gives organic honey its particular and delicious flavor?

The company is subjected to rigorous controls

Another reason for choosing honey produced according to traditional methods is that the organic certification constitutes a guarantee of absolute quality both of the product itself and of the place of production: the companies that produce honey according to organic methods, in fact, are subjected to stringent controls by the Competent authorities.

The European Union has established that honey producing companies, in order to be defined as organic, must be regularly subjected to a series of checks by a specific control body.

The latter, in particular, must ensure that all honey production takes place according to the laws of nature: for example, by checking that there are no residues of industrial products prohibited by law in the bees' nest wax, and that the hives are placed away from possible sources of pollution.

Safeguard nature and bees

The last, but not least, good reason for choosing honey produced in a natural way is given by the fact that organic honey is not only a friend of our organism, but also of its creators, that is the bees.

The beekeepers, in fact, raise these insects in a way that is completely compliant with the laws of nature, without altering the environment in any way: the bees are not subjected to stressful or dangerous treatments, and are treated with traditional synthetic medicines and homeopathic remedies. . Choosing organic honey therefore means having at heart not only the health of our body but also and above all that of animals and nature.

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