Homemade vegan nougat

The recipe for vegan white nougat, without fats and animal ingredients

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Homemade vegan nougat. Christmas delicacy that dates back to Roman times (even mentioned in some writings by Tito Livio), al Torrone, from the Latin “torreo” verb meaning “toast” with reference to the toasting of hazelnuts and almonds, you just can't give up. So to "sin by gluttony", while respecting both our health and that of the planet, here is the recipe Nougat, easy, fast, but above all without ingredients of animal origin.


  • 500 g of shelled hazelnuts
  • 500 g of shelled almonds
  • 1 kg of cannna sugar
  • ½ lemon to use as a spatula to smooth out the nougat
  • extra virgin olive oil


Immerse the almonds and hazelnuts in hot water and remove the film around it.

Pour them into a pan, add it sugar cane and cook everything over a very low heat, stirring constantly, preventing the mixture from sticking to the bottom.

When it has melted and has taken on a golden color, remove the pan from the heat. Meanwhile, grease a part of the work surface with a little oil. Pour in the mixture quickly and flatten it with the help of the lemon.

When it has cooled, cut it into pieces with a sturdy knife.

Gloria Mastrantonio

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