Homemade peach jam without added sugar

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Peach jam without sugar! This is the right time to make a homemade preserve with these delicious summer fruits at home.


Peach jam without sugar! This is the right time to make a healthy and nutritious DIY preserve for the winter at home with these delicious summer fruits. To be served for breakfast on a slice of toasted homemade bread or useful as a garnish for cakes and pies.

The preparation is very simple, but remember to always follow our advice on sanitizing and pasteurizing jars, because there are steps to take that make homemade preserves safe, and that once opened must be consumed within a few days.

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To make a good peach jam it is important to choose the right fruit: it must be fully ripe and possibly organic and zero km, in order to guarantee the right sweetness and the absence of pesticides. Adding a small piece of apple, preferably with the peel, will help you thicken the mixture, thus shortening cooking times. 


  • 1 kg of organic peaches 
  • 1 organic apple 

How to prepare sugar-free peach jam: procedure

  • wash the peaches by soaking them in water and bicarbonate, rinse them well and let them drain
  • divide them into wedges and cut them again until you get 4-5 cubes each
  • put them in a thick-bottomed pot and add the apple always cut into pieces
  • start cooking over very low heat, taking care to stir often
  • when the fruit has softened it will be possible, it can be worked with an immersion blender to remove the small pieces
  • then put it back on the heat and continue cooking until the jam thickens as you prefer
  • at the end of cooking, fill the already sanitized jars leaving them empty at least one centimeter from the edge, close with the lids and put back in the pot for pasteurization

The sugar-free peach jam can be stored in the pantry away from light for six or seven months, but remember that, once opened, it must be placed in the refrigerator and consumed within a few days.

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