High cholesterol: how to naturally reduce it by 20% in just three months

From today you can reduce your cholesterol with a clinically tested and 100% natural product. Liposan Forte Salugea, seeing is believing!  

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Un excess cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood it is never good news: if neglected, this condition can lead to serious risks to your health, especially for that of your heart and cardiovascular system. Here we discover the causes, risks and natural remedies of high cholesterol: you must know that there is a special combination of plant extracts capable of reducing it by about 20%, in just three months.


What is cholesterol

Il cholesterol it is a molecule lipid (a fat) very important for your body: it constitutes hormones and many cell membranes. Cholesterol it is a health problem only when it is too much!

Le causes of its excessive accumulation can be many, often linked together: genetic constitution, poor diet or lifestyle, deficiency of Omega 3, stress, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle are the most frequent examples.

Often those with high cholesterol think that the food is all to blame, but that may not be the case. Only 20% of blood cholesterol is in fact generated by our nourishment (exogenous cholesterol), the remaining 80% is produced by our own body (endogenous cholesterol).

This explains why some people commit to following a super controlled diet but with poor results: their cholesterol level just doesn't want to go down! These people probably make a lot of it themselves, and then diet is not enough to reduce it. What to do?

There are some very effective natural remedies that you can talk to your doctor about and that we will delve into in this article. The important thing is not to neglect yourself, so as not to incur important health risks ...

The Risks of High Cholesterol

Excess cholesterol, in particular LDL cholesterol, also defined as "bad" because of its danger to health, tends to accumulate in the arteries, forming blocks (atherosclerotic plaques), which hinder the proper flow of blood.

This situation does not give particular symptoms, but if neglected for a long time it can excessively block the natural flow of blood (and therefore of the oxygen carried by the blood) and cause heart attacks and strokes.

That is why it is important to know your cholesterol levels and, if they are too high, to agree on a strategy with your doctor. Here you will find very effective advice and natural remedies.

Natural remedies for high cholesterol

Always start with careful analysis of your lifestyle, for example by asking yourself these questions: do you drink at least one and a half liters of water a day? What are you eating? Are you overweight? Do you have a tendency to have always had high cholesterol, or have you been eating improperly in the last period? Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle? How much time do you spend on physical activity?

A good awareness of one's lifestyle is a fundamental premise! If you have no benchmarks and want to know what is best to do to have a healthy lifestyle (so not only naturally lower cholesterol, but also enjoy greater psychophysical energy, prevent premature aging and stay fit ...) here we give you some important tips, which can make the difference:

  • PHYSICAL MOVEMENT: not everyone likes to go for a jog in the park or a sweat at the gym, but a little exercise is good for everyone. The amount of indices and aspects related to your health that is negatively influenced by excessive sedentary lifestyle or, on the contrary, which improves thanks to physical activity, carried out in an adequate and constant way, is impressive. They are enough 30 - 40 minutes of walking briskly a day to change a life.
  • POWER: minimize the frequency with which you consume alcoholic or sugary drinks, dairy products, refined flours, ready-to-eat foods rich in preservatives and dyes. Stay away from fried foods, cheeses and cured meats. Bring abundant into your life fruits and vegetables Seasonal, fish (especially the blue one, rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids), legumes and Whole grains. Consume regularly dried fruit, but in moderation if you have a few extra pounds… it is rich in Omega 3 but also very caloric!
  • FOOD INTEGRATION: choose supplements of Omega 3: those based on krill oil they are highly bioavailable (more effective than fish or vegetable oil based ones) and will improve your blood fat levels. Also choose a supplement based on fermented red rice. Because? Because it has been discovered that from the fermentation of common cooking rice with a particular yeast, a vegetable ingredient is obtained (fermented red rice) containing a molecule, the Monacolin K, which is capable of lowering cholesterol. This is confirmed by scientific studies, according to which this plant statin is effective if taken in the measure of 10 mg / day.


What works against high cholesterol

Are you going to walk every morning, drink plenty of still water between meals and eat healthy and varied but nothing, your cholesterol just doesn't want to go down? You probably produce a lot of it yourself (endogenous cholesterol) and need some extra help.

The Monacolin K from fermented red rice may be for you. We have another good news for you: as anticipated, there is a special combination of plant extracts that manages to lower cholesterol and triglycerides by about 20% in just three months!

It is that of Liposan Forte di Salugea: this 100% natural supplement, in addition to providing in its daily dose 10 mg of Monacolin K from fermented red rice, also contains titrated dry extracts of milk thistle, barberry and rosemary.

These plants have an antioxidant effect and improve liver function and fat metabolism. A clinical study * demonstrated the efficacy of this formulation in reduce in just three months, by about 20%, the values ​​of:

  • Total cholesterol
  • LDL cholesterol
  • Triglycerides

The Liposan Forte Salugea supplement is in vegetable capsules (not of animal origin) and preserved in dark glass bottle pharmaceutical grade (not plastic) with security seal reusable under the cap: these are the only measures that allow you to maintain the quality and efficacy of the product unaltered, even after opening.

From today you can reduce your cholesterol with a clinically tested and 100% natural product.

Liposan Forte Salugea, seeing is believing!

* Capriotti F., Censani S. - Medicinal Plants Vol. 15 (4) 2016 Ed. SIFIT

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