High cholesterol: already from the age of 30 it is dangerous for the heart

High cholesterol, dangerous from a young age as it would increase the risk of developing future heart disease by up to 39%. This is supported by new American research

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We know that it would be good to periodically check the level of cholesterol in the blood through tests, but it is often thought that it is important to do so only at a certain age, underestimating instead that this key marker for the possible development of cardiovascular diseases, it can become dangerous from an early age.

According to new research, conducted by a team from Duke University (United States) and published in Circulation, already from the age of 30 you should be careful about cholesterol as high levels during this period of life would increase the risk of future heart and circulation diseases. In particular, abnormal levels of fat in the blood in the age group ranging from 35 to 55, according to the results of the study, would increase the risk of future heart disease by up to 39% every 10 years in which cholesterol remained stably high.

“The number of years with high cholesterol can have a comparable effect to the number of years as a smoker. This shows that what we do to our blood vessels in our 20s, 30s and 40s sets the stage for diseases that will arise later in our life. If we wait until they are 50 or 60 to think about cardiovascular disease prevention, the cat will already be out of the bag "he declared. Ann Marie Navar-Boggan, at the head of the research team.

Samples were taken for the study 1478 adults 55 years old who had participated in an epidemiological research carried out since 1948 in Massachusetts. For each one, the cholesterol values ​​already monitored in the previous years were evaluated plus what was found in the following twenty years to understand what kind of changes had occurred and above all to evaluate how the cholesterol level had affected future diseases. cardiovascular diseases that appeared at a later age in the participants.

It was thus seen that at the age of 55, iAbout 40% of the sample had already had high cholesterol for at least 10 years and this corresponded in the following years to a 16,5% risk of getting heart disease, a percentage 4 times higher than those who had always kept cholesterol at low levels.

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