Here are the signals your body sends you if you are deficient in fiber

To maintain health we should be getting the right amount of fiber per day. If this does not happen, here are the signals that our body will send us

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To maintain health we should take the right amount of fibers everyday. If this does not happen, our body sends us some signals to make us understand that we are deficient in these substances. Here are the symptoms that should not be underestimated.

We usually take fiber with our diet, substances that are particularly important for promoting digestive processes, the correct functioning of the intestine and, as proven by some researches, decreasing the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Fiber is found mainly in whole foods, legumes, fruit and vegetables. In some cases, however, our diet is deficient, so the following symptoms may appear:



The first and most frequent symptom of a lack of fibers is undoubtedly constipation, these substances help intestinal motility and consequently the natural regularity.

Abdominal swelling

A lack of fiber can manifest itself with abdominal bloating and cramps. The swollen belly and bloating are always part of a picture in which the intestine is irritated and often fails to get rid of the stool well, creating stagnation and fermentation.

Digestive problems

Taking the right amount of fiber also helps digestion, a deficiency can therefore lead to problems in the proper functioning of the stomach.

Sleepiness after meals

Due to digestive difficulties and an overloaded intestine, it is easy for us to become drowsy after meals if the fibers we consume are not sufficient.

Sense of hunger

Fibers tend to satiate and therefore a diet that contains them in the right amount helps us to keep the sense of hunger at bay. Otherwise, we may need to eat again shortly after having eaten a meal.

Hemorrhoids and fissures

The difficulty in evacuating due to low fiber intake can also lead to the appearance of hemorrhoids and fissures which worsen the overall picture as a side effect.

High cholesterol

Several studies have shown that fibers help keep bad cholesterol at bay, not getting enough can therefore make us struggle with a high cholesterol problem (obviously also due to other factors).

High blood sugar

A negative effect of fiber deficiency can also be found on blood sugar which these substances present in foods help to reduce by compensating in some way for the excess of sugars.

Tendency to diverticula

The intestine put in crisis by the lack of fibers can also develop some pathologies including diverticulosis or the appearance of intestinal loops that tend to become inflamed and become very painful.

Tendency to be overweight

Fiber helps us maintain a healthy weight. A deficiency, associated with a wrong diet and a sedentary lifestyle, can cause us to run into overweight problems.

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