Heating: the side effect of leaving radiators on overnight, not just on the bill

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A too hot room does not allow our body to lower its temperature during the night hours

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A too hot room does not allow our body to lower its temperature during the night, with the consequent onset of sleep problems

Even if these days the cold is almost unbearable, we should resist the temptation to fall asleep with the radiators on: a too high temperature in our bedroom, in fact, compromises the quality of our rest and can even cause insomnia. Perhaps it is also pleasant to fall asleep in a warm and welcoming environment but then it happens that in the middle of the night you wake up in the throes of a hot flash - demonstrating that too hot hurts.

What is the right temperature for sleeping?

The ideal is to keep your bedroom at a temperature close to 18 ° C. This is because the body's internal temperature is not always the same, but changes over the course of twenty-four hours (according to a scheme called circadian rhythm): during the hours of sleep, the body loses its heat and lowers its temperature, continuing to cool until it reaches its lowest point near dawn, around 5 in the morning. Too high an ambient temperature prevents this process of heat dispersion and can result in poor sleep quality or even insomnia - which is why in summer, when it is very hot, we cannot sleep as well as we would like.

These tips also apply to newborns who, however, may need a slightly warmer room (at most 20 ° C) as their body is not yet able to regulate its own temperature and dissipate body heat during sleep. . Also, for very young children it is not recommended to use a lot of heavy blankets (they could crush and suffocate it during the night) - which is another good reason to turn up the temperature of the thermostat a little more. To check if the baby is feeling too hot, just touch the back of the neck or the tummy: if the skin is too hot or sweaty, then it is appropriate to lower the temperature of the heating.

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A few tips for sleeping well

  • Avoid caffeine in the evening. Drinking caffeinated coffee, tea, or sodas in the evening can make it difficult to fall asleep at night. Instead, we recommend replacing the last coffee of the day with a nice relaxing herbal tea or herbal decoction: it will warm our body before getting under the covers and help us to be more relaxed.
  • Keep the room dark. Better to cover the windows with curtains or blinds, so as to prevent external lights from entering and disturbing your sleep. In addition, all electronic devices with flashing light switches - such as TVs or computers - should be kept out of the bedroom.
  • Technology out. To sleep well, it is advisable to keep cell phones, tablets and PCs out of the bedroom, and stop using them at least half an hour before going to sleep: this is because the blue light emitted by these devices inhibits the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, and prevents us from falling asleep as we would like.
  • Create a sleep routine. Reading a good book, pampering yourself with an herbal tea or a hot bath, putting the plan for the next day on paper, meditating ... there are many activities that can be done before going to sleep that make our body understand that it is time for sleep. Doing it every day (also trying to always go to sleep at the same time) can really improve the quality of our rest.

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