Heating: temperatures that are too high and dry damage skin and hair

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If you notice that in winter your skin is dry, dull or yellowish and your hair is brittle more than usual, it could be the fault of the heating, especially if the temperature in the house exceeds 23 degrees.

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In winter it is certainly pleasant to go home and find the beautiful warm environment. But have you ever thought that the radiators se adjusted to temperatures that are too high and used recklessly can they actually harm us?

If you notice that in winter your skin is dry, dull or yellowish and your hair is brittle, it could be the heat, especially if the temperature exceeds 23 degrees (there are those who even turn on the thermostat at 30 degrees, which is the temperature recorded on a summer day).

The lips are also affected by temperatures that are too high and for this reason (also considering the temperature difference that exists between the inside and the outside of houses, shops and offices) they cut out and break at the sides. In this case you have to resist the temptation to pass the tongue over it to get relief because this will make the situation worse. Instead, it is advisable to get a good cocoa butter or self-produce it at home following one of these recipes.

But probably to suffer more during the winter jump in temperature are the very exposed hands compared to other parts of the body. Don't make the mistake of putting your cold hands on hot radiators (even if that is really tempting at times!). Heating the skin too quickly is one of the main causes of chilblains or pain in the hands. If chilblains have already appeared, you can use some natural remedies that you can find listed HERE.

Also the facial skin is affected by too high temperatures and low humidity drying out easily and getting small infections. As dermatologist Emma Wedgeworth explains:

“Think of the skin as a brick wall, a barrier against the environment. When the skin is dry, cracks develop in this wall. Irritants can get in and water out. "

They are not exempt from these problems either the eyes and they may begin to water easily, itchy or red precisely because of the dryness of the environments. The use of contact lenses then aggravates the situation. Also in this case you can use simple natural remedies such as chamomile packs to be repeated several times during the day. Euphrasia is also excellent, a specific plant for ocular problems with which natural eye drops are also made, which are easily found in pharmacies and herbalists.

The general advice however, if you want to avoid these inconveniences, is to adjust the thermostat of your heating to a temperature of 20 ° (if you have centralized it you will obviously have to hear the opinion of the other condominiums). Very important then place the water in the special containers to put on the radiators so that the air is not too dry.

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